Paarl Rock Guides. A climber's guide

This is a complete climber's guide to Paarl Rocks in the Western Cape of South Africa.
Noy, Stewart; Noy, Scott
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Title: Paarl Rock Guides
Type: Mountaineering and Rock Climbing Guide
Author: Stewart Noy; Scott Noy
Publisher: Blue Mountain Design & Publishing
Cape Town, South Africa 2006
ISBN 9780620332727 / ISBN 978-0-620-33272-7
Softcover, 13 x 19 cm, 56 pages, throughout colour and b/w photos

Description: Paarl Rock Guides. A climber's guide

The imposing granite domes of Paarl were a refreshing change from our frequent visits to the sandstone crags of the Cape. Paarl has an air about it. It's not a sport climbing venue, nor is it a country climbing area, providing you with the illusion of a big wall but allowing you the luxury of backing out. You can arrive at Paarl to be assured of your own private corner away from the crowds and some exciting adventures on the challenging 150 m high walls, yet only within a short stroll from your car. With over 100 routes there is something for everyone, ranging from gentle slabs to sheer granite walls and inviting quartz veins running through the hard granite.

The climbing creates an emotion different to that of any other, with the run-outs and threat of grated knees, inducing the headgames often associated with slabby granite, propelling you far above that distant bolt. Yet more often than not, a little calculated footwork will see one up the grey rock on the seemingly 'no-way-this-can-hold' friction. For those unfamiliar to slab climbing there will be a slight learning curve, however start easy and you will soon discover some of the finest and most interesting climbing around. We hope that this guide will help people have a fun time at Paarl, after all that's the reason we all started climbing in the first place.

Content: Paarl Rock Guides. A climber's guide

Introduction, thanks, references
How to use the guide, access, weather, sun and shade, facilities, litter
Rest days, camping and accommodation, contact numbers, how to get there, parking
Climbing information, other helpful info
Area map
Ratings, grading, gear, climbing
Descents, old bolts, bolting and new routes
History of Paarl Rocks
PAARL ROCK: lllearth Boulder, Euro Wall
Cannonfodder Wall
Wonderland Wall
Cobalt Blue Wall, Parklife Wall
Hidden by Day Wall
Arbor Cave
GORDON'S ROCK: Belly Button Slab
Splinter Area
Blue Diamonds Wall
Nante's Dam Boulder
North Wall
Wastelands Wall
Sands of Time Wall
Granite Graffiti Wall, Two Cents Slab