In South Africa, birding is very common and many excellent guides to the various species of birds are available.

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A Photographic Guide to Birds of Southern Africa

A Photographic Guide to Birds of Southern Africa is a ideal pocket-sized birder's companion. Learn More
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Wildlife of Southern Africa

This is an excellent universal field guide to wildlife of Southern Africa. Learn More
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Fauna und Flora im südlichen Afrika

Fauna und Flora im südlichen Afrika ist das erste Handbuch, das die Pflanzen und Tiere aller Art in einem leicht zu handhabenden Band verbindet. Learn More
Available in May 2022. Pre-order here.
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Southern African Birdfinder

Southern African Birdfinder describes 39 key bird routes and 330 birding sites. Learn More
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Birdwatching in Southern Africa

What to look for when purchasing equipment, what field guides and other resources exist, and how cultivate skills in the field Learn More
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What's that Bird? A starter's guide to birds of southern Africa

Offers an easy entry into the often bewildering world of bird identification in southern Africa Learn More
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First Field Guide to Common Birds of Southern Africa

These little guides are an invaluable resource for beginners Learn More
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Ecoguide Fynbos

This ecoguide introduces 400 wildflowers and birds, insects, spiders, reptiles and mammals in their environment in the Fynbos region of South Africa. Learn More
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Complete Photographic Field Guide. Birds of Southern Africa

This complete photographic field guide to birds of Southern Africa describes and illustrates all 958 birds, plus 17 species from Antarctica and Southern Ocean Islands. Learn More
Available in Dec 2022. Preorder here.
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Vögel in Afrika. Ein fotografischer Naturführer für Afrika

Dieser fotografische Naturführer für die Vögel in Afrika beschreibt 1472 Vogelarten und gründet auf der über 20jährigen Afrika-Erfahrung des Autors. Learn More
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Chamberlain's Birds of Africa south of the Sahara Edition 2010

Despite its exceptional coverage, Chamberlain's Birds of Africa south of the Sahara Edition 2010 is compact enough to use in the field, and follows the standard field guide format. Learn More
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Ein Taschenführer für Vögel im südlichen Afrika

Dieser praktische Führer für die Vögel im südlichen Afrika hat Westentaschenformat. Learn More
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Animals of the Pilanesberg: An Identification Guide

The aim of this identification guide is introduce this rich diversity of the animals of the Pilanesberg. Learn More
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Alien & Invasive Animals: A South African Perspective

Alien & Invasive Animals is the first book to be published on alien animals from the South African perspective. Learn More
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Two oceans. A guide to marine life of South Africa

Two oceans covers over 1400 species of the most common forms of marine life that inhabit the coasts of South Africa, including the invertebrates, fish, reptiles, mammals birds and plants. Learn More
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Wildlife of South Africa: A Photographic Guide

Wildlife of South Africa is handy, all-in-one photographic field guide to mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and trees. Learn More
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Bird Calls For Beginners

Invaluable for birders of all ages, Bird Calls For Beginners (CD and book) will open up a new world of bird recognition and behaviour. Learn More
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Basic Bird ID in southern Africa

Basic Bird ID offers a down-to-earth system for newcomers to the field of birding. Learn More
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Kirstenbosch Birds and Other Wildlife

Kirstenbosch Birds and Other Wildlife is a compact guide to the birds and other wildlife of the National Botanical Garden at Kirstenbosch, South Africa. Learn More
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Sasol Birds of Southern Africa

Sasol Birds of Southern Africa remains the region’s most comprehensively illustrated and trusted field guide. Learn More
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Shaping Kruger

Shaping Kruger provides fascinating insight into the lives, habits and behaviour of the larger animals that significantly affect the workings of the park. Learn More
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Pocket Guide to Birds of Southern Africa

This pocket bird guide is an essential and practical aid for birders in the bush of Southern Africa. Learn More
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Pocket Guide: Birds of Southern Africa

Pocket Guide: Birds of Southern Africa has been designed in pocket-size and primarily for use in the field. Learn More
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The Penguins of Boulders, False Bay-South Africa

The Penguins of Boulders is a charming illustration into the lives of one of the most adorable and charismatic creatures in False Bay, South Africa. Learn More
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