The culinary art of Namibia is at home at many of the farms all over the country and presents excellent, healthy food and warm hospitality. Many Namibia recipes have become famous and are to be found here.

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Südwester Kochbuch. Eine Sammlung original südwestafrikanischer Kochrezepte

Das Südwester Kochbuch ist eine Sammlung alter und neuerer, stets original südwestafrikanischer Kochrezepte. Learn More
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Kochen und Backen in der Wildnis und am Lagerfeuer kann zu vielseitigen und köstlichen Ergebnissen führen, die denen der heimischen Küche nicht nachstehen müssen. Learn More
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On the Coals

On the Coals is an innovative new collection of South African braai recipes and ideas for the keen outdoor cook. Learn More
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Make Your Own Biltong and Droëwors

A great guide on how to make biltong, droëwors, sausages, and cured and smoked meats like Namibians and South Africans do. Learn More
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The South African Diabetes Cookbook

By following the guidelines of The South African Diabetes Cookbook, it is possible to enjoy interesting and often spicy foods and desserts. Learn More
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101 Beloved Bars of Southern Africa

The 101 wackiest, wildest watering holes south of the Sahara are introduced in Beloved bars of Southern Africa. Learn More
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Namibia. Genussreise und Rezepte

Herrliche Koch- und Backrezepte, mitgebracht von einer Genussreise durch Namibia. Learn More
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Jagen und Kochen in Deutsch-Südwest

In der Zeit Deutsch-Südwestafrikas prägten Jagen und das Kochen von Jägerrezepten die so gepriesene Farmküche und tun es bis heute. Learn More
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Cook with Ina Paarman

Cook with Ina Paarman changes cooking to a rewarding pastime with over 200 South African recipes. Learn More
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The Food & Wine Pairing Guide

Finding the perfect wine to complement a carefully prepared dish is often a hit and miss affair, but The Food & Wine Pairing Guide aims to change that. Learn More
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Chorus and Cuisine South Africa: A Kitchen Safari with Traditional Recipes and Music plus Audio-CD

Chrous and Cuisine South Africa ist ein deutsch-englischer Titel mit einer Audio-CD aus der Reihe Safari für's Ohr und anregenden Südafrika-Rezepten für Genießer. Learn More
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Evita's Kossie Sikelela

Evita's Kossie Sikelela includes great recipes, humor and political satire by Evita Bezuidenhout. Learn More
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Braai offers a collection of contemporary braai recipes, from beef, lamb, pork, chicken, game and seafood through vegetables, salads, breads and desserts. Learn More
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Cakebread, Pudding & Pie

Cakebread, Pudding & Pie is a delectable compilation of recipes from brother and sister team Callie Maritz and Mari-Louis Guy. Learn More
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Braai Buddy 2

For those who are tired of braaiing the same ways, Braai Buddy 2 is a seriously different book on braaiing. Learn More
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500 Cupcakes

Once you get started on the 500 Cupcakes recipes in this book, you'll realise just how fun baking and decorating can be! Learn More
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Relish. Easy Sauces, Seasonings and Condiments to Make at Home

Relish is a cookbook that aims to bring flavour into daily cooking and helps to make easy sauces, seasonings and condiments. Learn More
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Angela Day Modern Classics

Angela Day Modern Classics represents a collection of their most popular recipes, classics with a modern twist, suitable as family fare or gourmet entertaining. Learn More
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Harvest Diaries

Harvest diaries is both a memoir and a reflection on a year for food and wine on an organic farm in South Africa. Learn More
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Chorus and Cuisine Namibia: Eine Küchen-Safari mit Rezepten und Musik

Buch und CD Chorus and Cuisine Namibia stellen die namibische Küche und Rezepte sowie hübsche Choreinlagen der Küchencrews vor. Learn More
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Kochen in Namibia

Kochen in Namibia bietet 200 Rezepte für deftige, pikante und süße Gerichte, Gebäcke und Desserts. Learn More
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Bundu Food for the African Bush

Bundu Food for the African Bush has been made for off-roaders travelling faraway places. Learn More
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Catch it, cook it in Southern Africa

Catch it, cook it in Southern Africa bridges the gap between catching your fish and bringing it to the table. Learn More
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Potjiekos Favourites

This is a superlative collection of over 150 tried and tested potjiekos recipes and really true South African and Namibian favourites. Learn More
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