Myths & Fairytales

Among all groups of the population, specific South Africa myths and fairytales can be found and especially the myths of the bushmen are well known and interesting to read.

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Kalulu und andere afrikanische Märchen

Von Kalulu, dem Hasen, und von Lebenslagen aller Art handelt diese Sammlung afrikanischer Märchen. Learn More
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Meine afrikanischen Lieblingsmärchen

In die Weite afrikanischer Steppen entführt der große alte Mann Südafrikas Nelson Mandela Learn More
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Nama Kwa's Garden

Inspired by the almost magical transformation of the Namaqualand region in spring, Mary Clanahan has created a tale of natural wonder for children. Learn More
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Fynbos Fairies

This wonderfully rhymed and illustrated children’s book is about the imaginary fairy living around each species of Cape Fynbos. Learn More
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African myths & legends

Illustrated in magnificent colour, African Myths & Legends collects oral traditions, fantasic stories and magical events of Southern Africa, and is also informative and educational. Learn More
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Die vere van die duiwel

Die vere van die duiwel is beskou as 'n belangrike bydrea tot die erfenis van sowel die afstammelinge von Europese setlaars, asook die nasate van Nama- en Damara-storievertellers. Learn More
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Afrikanische Legenden (Nachdruck Severus Verlag)

Dies ist ein Nachdruck des 1925 erschienen, vielseitigen und historisch wertvollen Sammelbandes 'Afrikanische Legenden' im Severus Verlag. Learn More
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This way up

How do you tell which way is up when you don't even really know where you are? Learn More
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Folktales from Africa

Folktales from Africa consits of 20 stories from the length and breadth of the African continent. Learn More
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