Memoir Literature

Many hundred memoirs have been published in the history of literature of South Africa. Many of them are still in print while others may be available in our antiquarian sections only.

Set Descending Direction

The Shallow Grave and Other True Crime Stories

True High-profile crime cases the author has solved in recent years Learn More
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Gri-Gri. Zauber der Wüste

Oberst a. D. Peter Willers berichtet in seinem Buch Gri-Gri. Zauber der Wüste von seinen Einsätzen in Afrika als Soldat, Jäger und Minenräumer. Learn More
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32 Battalion

32 Battalion is the inside story of South Africa's elite fighting unit of the South African Defence Force SADF. Learn More
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The complete story of the township until modern day street accounts Learn More
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Pale Native

Pale Native Max du Preez tells a true story about the risks of investigative journalism in the front line in South Africa. Learn More
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In Search of South Africa's Perfect Woman

A must-read for dudes looking for lasting love in South Africa Learn More
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My Dad – By South African Sons

A collection of stories about things said and not left unsaid Learn More
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Eccentric South Africa

Eccentric South Africa is a celebration of extraordinary people and places in South Africa. Learn More
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Van Lill’s South African Miscellany

Comprehensive compendium of little known facts about well-know topics focused on South Africa Learn More
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Rescued from the maw of Hillbrow’s drug and prostitution underworld Learn More
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Why I’ll Never Live In Oz Again. Or The UK, The US, Canada Or New Zealand, For That Matter

Amusing tales of life in other pastures will have emigrés thinking twice Learn More
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Compilation of short fiction from South Africa’s most accomplished women authors Learn More
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Freedom Flight

Two South African pilots touch down on each continent of the world on the longest expedition ever flown in microlights Learn More
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Acid Alex

This book will do for South African culture what Trainspotting did for modern Scottish consciousness Learn More
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Along the Hunter's Path

A monumental, passionate work dealing with thoughts and hunting experiences in Namibia and other parts of Africa Learn More
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Südafrika. Ein Reiselesebuch

Das Südafrika-Reiselesebuch zeichnet Geschichte und Gegenwart Südafrikas in Mythen, Kurzgeschichten, ungeschminkten Erfahrungsberichte und Reisereportagen. Learn More
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Vom Krämerbuben zum Brotmillionär

Lebenserinnerungen eines oberbayrischen Bäckermeisters und Unternehmers in Südafrika und Namibia Learn More
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Lighthouses of South Africa

Lighthouses of South Africa is an epic story of shipping over the centuries and of mariners who embarked on competitive quests for wealth and exploration, braving the Cape of Good Hope. Learn More
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OPS Medic. A National Serviceman’s Border War

A National Serviceman’s Border War is the story of an OPS Medic in the SA Medical Service SAMS 1984-1986. Learn More
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Boer Boy. Memoires of an Anglo-Boer War youth

Enthralling, poignant and richly informative, Boer Boy is a valuable addition to the history of the Anglo-Boer War. Learn More
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From Soldier to Civvy. South African National Service

From Soldier to Civvy provides valuable new insights into South African National Service and its far-reaching consequences. Learn More
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Troepie: From Call-up to Camps

Troepie: From Call-up to Camps is a compilation of recollections by more than forty former conscripts about their time in the South African Defence Force. Learn More
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Behind the Badge. The South African Police Service

In Behind the Badge, policemen and -women speak frankly about the psychological toll of police work and reveal the hidden life of the police. Learn More
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Street Blues. The Experiences of a Reluctant Policeman

Written from direct experience, 'Street Blues: The Experiences of a Reluctant Policeman' is a must-read for anyone concerned with crime and policing in South Africa. Learn More
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