Social Issues

Domestic violence, sexual abuse, discrimination of both black, coloured and white, poor education, AIDS, poverty, malnutrition and crime are only some of the South African social issues you will find literature about here.

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Heavens Things

Heavens Things - A Story of the /Xam: Two groups of individuals from vastly different backgrounds work together with a sense of mutual respect and co-operation. Learn More
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Rassismus, Vorurteile, Kommunikation

Afrikanisch-europäische Begegnung in Hamburg Learn More
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Die Bedeutung der Presse im Transitionsprozeß Südafrikas

Arbeiten aus dem Institut für Afrika-Kunde Learn More
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Gewaltsame Konflikte und Ihre Prävention in Afrika

Hintergründe, Analysen und Strategien für die entwicklungspolitische Praxis Learn More
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Reports on the Regional Assessment of the Status of the San in Southern Africa

Studiy among San throughout the southern African region as part of a project titled Regional Assessment of the Status of the San in Southern Africa. Learn More
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So stirbt man in Afrika an Aids

Warum westliche Gesundheitskonzepte im südlichen Afrika scheitern Learn More
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Frauen im Neuen Südafrika

Frauen im Neuen Südafrika ist eine Analyse zur gender-Gerechtigkeit in der sich dynamisch verändernden Gesellschaft Südafrikas. Learn More
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Das Schweigen gebrochen

Geschichte – Anhörungen – Perspektiven Learn More
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Living and Dying with AIDS in Africa

New Perspectives on an Modern Disease Learn More
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Südafrikas neue Elite

Die Prägung der ANC-Führung durch das Exil Learn More
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Reflections in Prison

Essays show thinking of Mandela, Sisulu, Mbeki before the 1976 Soweto uprising Learn More
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Brett Kebble - The Inside Story

Investigates Kebble’s dark secrets and explores his relationships with some of South Africa’s ‘new elite’ Learn More
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Talking freedom

Language and democratisation in the SADC Region Learn More
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A Century of Sundays - 100 Years of Breaking News in the Sunday Times

Collection of articles and photographs that have appeared in The Sunday Times over hundred years Learn More
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Gangs, politics and dignity in Cape Town

Vivid study of the day-to-day experience of living in a working class neighbourhood on the Cape Flats Learn More
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The End of Unheard Narrative. Contemporary Perspectives on Southern African Literatures

Collection is united by attempt to lift the veil from unheard narratives by moving them from the margin to the centre of discussion Learn More
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Südafrika. Ein Land im Umbruch

Ein persönliches Landesporträt gibt vielfältige Einblicke in Geschichte, Politik, Gesellschaft und Kultur Südafrikas Learn More
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Beyond the miracle: Inside the new South Africa

Behind the mircale is a competent and skilful study that opens up a perspective inside the structures of the new South Africa. Learn More
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Südafrika: Katerstimmung am Kap

Südafrika: Katerstimmung am Kap kritisiert den Verfall von politischer Kultur und Rechtsstaatlichkeit in Südafrika: aktuell und konkret. Learn More
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Zuma: A biography

This biography of Zuma covers his whole live but the main focus remains on the last eight years until 2010. Learn More
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People's war: New light on the struggle for South Africa

People's war: New light on the struggle for South Africa reports on some 20500 killings as a result of the people’s war the ANC unleashed between 1984 and 1994. Learn More
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At risk: Writing on and over the edge of South Africa

There is something immediate and unforgettable about the experience of reading these stories of At risk - writing on and over the edge of South Africa. Learn More
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Journalisten der Finsternis. Akteure, Strukturen und Potenziale deutscher Afrika-Berichterstattung

Journalisten der Finsternis stellt der in Deutschland üblichen inhaltsanalytischen Auseinandersetzung eine ausführliche Analyse der an der Afrika-Berichterstattung beteiligten Kommunikatoren bei. Learn More
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Dealing In Death. Ellen Pakkies and a Community's Struggle with Tik

Dealing in Death looks at the global and local drugs culture in South Africa based on the case Ellen Pakkies and a Community's Struggle with Tik. Learn More
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