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Lass Bäume sprechen. Eine künstlerische Charakterstudie namibischer Baumtypen

Lass Bäume sprechen wurde von Eberhard von Koenen als künstlerische Charakterstudie namibischer Baumtypen gestaltet. Learn More
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Field guide to common trees and shrubs of East Africa

This is the 2nd (older) edition of Field guide to common trees and shrubs of East Africa. It is here sold at a reduced price. Learn More
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Guide to Garden Succulents

Scientifically accurate photographic guide for gardeners and horticulturalist to easily identify commonly used species of succulents Learn More
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Wildlife of East Africa

This is an all-in-one photographic guide to East Africa's most conspicuous and interesting mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, insects, trees and flowers. Learn More
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Food plants of the world

Food Plants of the World is a comprehensive overview of the plants that provide us with food, beverages, spices and flavours. Learn More
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Cut flowers of the world

Cut Flowers of the World describes and illustrates more than 330 different species of commercially important flowers, foliages and potted flowers. Learn More
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Baobabs of the World

A photographic masterpiece, this beautiful book is a fitting tribute to the baobab of the world. Learn More
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Trees & Shrubs of East Africa

This is the fully revised third edition (2019) of the field guide to common trees & shrubs of East Africa. Learn More
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