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Approved tour recommendations for Namibia in consideration of journey time and destinations to visit.

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Prisoner of War Camp Aus 1915-1919

The establishment, operation and closure of the prisoner of war camp at Aus in South West Africa 1915 to 1919. Learn More
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Namibia. Zauberwelt edler Steine und Kristalle

Namibia. Zauberwelt edler Steine und Kristalle ist ein praktischer geologischer Ratgeber zum Entdecken, Bestimmen und Sammeln in Namibia. Learn More
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101 Namibia. Die schönsten Reiseziele, Lodges & Gästefarmen (Iwanowski)

101 Namibia ist ein Sonderband des Reisebuchverlages Iwanowski und stellt die schönsten Reiseziele, Lodges und Gästefarmen Namibias vor. Learn More
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Activity Atlas Southern Africa (MapStudio)

MapStudio's Activity Atlas Southern Africa includes introductory maps, a brief history, people and culture, natural wonders, animals and plants and adventure regions. Learn More
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A journey through history and modern times of the mining town Oranjemund in South Namibia. Learn More
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Namibia: Geological Wonderland

Namibia Geological Wonderland: A geological journey for beginners and travellers. Learn More
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Your Bucket List: 150 Must-Do Experiences in Southern Africa

Your Bucket List by renowned author Patrick Cruywagen gives you more than 150 must-do experiences in Southern Africa. Learn More
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Waterberg Plateau Park Namibia (Shell Guide)

This hiking and nature guide (Shell) introduces to the history and development, flora, fauna and geology of the Waterberg Plateau Park in Namibia. Learn More
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South! Guide to Namibia's infinite South

South! Guide to Namibia's infinite South is a well-made manual for easy travelling the region. Learn More
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Wetlands! Namibia's Kavango and Zambezi Regions (Projects & Promotions)

Wetlands! An informative guide to Namibia's Kavango and Zambezi Regions published by Projects & Promotions. Learn More
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An Expert's Guide to Finding the Animals in Etosha

The aim of An Expert's Guide to Finding the Animals in Etosha is to increase the possibilities of sighting game. Learn More
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Where to journey inside Namibia

Where to journey inside Namibia: stunning Namibian travel destinations in more than 1300 colour pictures. Learn More
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Namibia Nature Parks

Namibia Nature Parks: A personal guide to Namibia’s great wild spaces. Learn More
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About Valleys and Shipwrecks: Places and Spaces along the Swakop River and Skeleton Coast

A Guide to Valleys and Shipwrecks in Namibia: Places and Spaces along the Swakop River and Skeleton Coast. Learn More
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Neunzig Kilometer Einsamkeit: Zu Fuß durch Namibias Fish River Canyon

Ein ortskundlicher Namibia-Reisebericht: Neunzig Kilometer zu Fuß durch die Einsamkeit des Fish River Canyon. Learn More
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Map of Etosha

Map of Etosha plus illustrated animal and bird identification for Namibia's most famous national park. Learn More
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