South! Guide to Namibia's infinite South

South! Guide to Namibia's infinite South is a well-made manual for easy travelling the region.
Spall, Monica; Jäschke, Uwe Ulrich; Van der Merwe, Bryony
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Title: South!
Subtitle: Guide to Namibia's infinite South
Mapping: Uwe Jäschke
Editing: Bryony van der Merwe
Photography: Monica Spall
Publishers: Projects & Promotions; Martial Publishing
Swakopmund, Windhoek, Namibia 2017
ISBN 9789991691510 / ISBN 978-99916-915-1-0
Sofcover, 21 x 29 cm, 21 pages, numerous photos and maps, text English

About: South! Guide to Namibia's infinite South

Welcome to the South of Namibia! Projects & Promotions' guide to the infinite South region is a nicely made manual with compact information on the most important aspects travelling the South. It features a very good, up-to-date and reliable region map designed by Prof. Dr. Uwe Jäschke, a skilled and experienced cartographer of Namibia maps of all kind. The action and travel tips, the regional information as well as the route recommendations - as listed in the table of content below - have been planned and compiled by Namibian travel and hiking enthusiasts.

Content: South! Guide to Namibia's infinite South

Welcome to the South!
Our Route

Before embarking your journey
Scenic routes to Solitaire
Namib-Naukluft National Park
Naukluft Camp
Sesriem Canyon
Namib Desert Camp
Setting out
Before embarking on your Sossusvlei adventure
How Sossusvlei was formed
The drive to Sossusvlei
The Camelthorn Tree
Fairy Circles
Duwisib Castle
Betta Camp
Scenic route from Betta to Aus via D707
Accomodation in the area
Wild horses of the Namib

Naute Dam
Naute Kristall
The Fish River Canyon
Hobas Camp
Fish River Canyon Viewpoint
The river that carved the canyon
Birds found in the areas
Accomodation in the area
Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail
Ai-Ais Hot Springs Spa
The Orange River with Felix Unite
Keetmanshoop Vicinity
Quiver Tree Forest
Giant's Playground
Mesosaurus Fossil Camp
Map of South Namibia