The culinary art of South Africa is at home at many of the farms all over the country and presents excellent, healthy food and warm hospitality. Many South Africa cookbooks and recipes have become famous and are to be found here.

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The Best of Cooking in South Africa

The Best of Cooking in South Africa is the culmination of many years of testing and tasting and reflects the very best of the author's culinary creations. Learn More
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Kochen und Backen in der Wildnis und am Lagerfeuer kann zu vielseitigen und köstlichen Ergebnissen führen, die denen der heimischen Küche nicht nachstehen müssen. Learn More
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Südafrikas kulinarische Geheimnisse

Südafrikas kulinarische Geheimnisse und 250 Rezepte der besten Restaurants, Lodges, Hotelküchen und Weingüter in Südafrika. Learn More
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Best South African Braai Recipes

Plenty hints and tips to braai chicken, fish and various cuts of meat Learn More
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West Coast Cookbook

The new edition of the West Coast Cookbook captures the essence of a great South African culinary tradition. Learn More
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Modern South African Cuisine

Tastes and trends of the new food and wine culture of South Africa Learn More
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Return to Corriebush

Return to Corriebush was the Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winner in the category Best Cookbook. Learn More
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The Complete South African Cookbook

The Complete South African Cookbook offers more than 650 basic and easy-to-prepare South African recipes along with many tempting variations. Learn More
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On the Coals

On the Coals is an innovative new collection of South African braai recipes and ideas for the keen outdoor cook. Learn More
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Make Your Own Biltong and Droëwors

A great guide on how to make biltong, droëwors, sausages, and cured and smoked meats like Namibians and South Africans do. Learn More
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Sea Spray and Cherry Peppers

Sea Spray and Cherry Peppers reports farm adventures and over 70 recipes tried and tested by Zuretha Roos. Learn More
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The South African Diabetes Cookbook

By following the guidelines of The South African Diabetes Cookbook, it is possible to enjoy interesting and often spicy foods and desserts. Learn More
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Includes Breads and Pastries, Cereal, Eggs, Fruit, Meat, Fish, Vegetarian and Drinks Learn More
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Includes all-time favourites along with a host of other innovative flavour combinations using interesting, fresh ingredients Learn More
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500 Pies and Tarts

Comprehensive compendium that will inspire even the most reluctant cook to embrace their inner baker Learn More
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500 Cookies

Introduction to all the basic cookie-making techniques plus 500 clear and easy-to-follow recipes Learn More
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500 Chocolate Delights

This book is packed with ideas for every kind of snack, sweet treat, dessert or cake Learn More
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Over 80 delicious recipes for all occaisions and tastes Learn More
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101 Beloved Bars of Southern Africa

The 101 wackiest, wildest watering holes south of the Sahara are introduced in Beloved bars of Southern Africa. Learn More
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South Africa's Winelands of the Cape (Mini-Hoberman)

The spirit, essence and diversity of the winelands from Cape Point to the Orange River at miniature scale but still a real Hoberman book. Learn More
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Traditional South African Cooking

The art of South African traditional cuisine is a unique blend of the culinary art of many different cultures. Learn More
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Four Seasons. Cooking throughout the year in South Africa

For those with little time and designed to provide novel ideas for family meals and entertaining in South African Style Learn More
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The Farm Kitchen

The Farm Kitchen stellt natürlich-geerdete, köstliche Rezepte von Köchin und Farmerin Colette Comins vor. Learn More
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The Cape Malay Cookbook

The Cape Malay Cookbook is a practical guide designed to enable anyone to produce authentic and delicious Cape Malay food. Learn More
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