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Here we introduce other activties of interest in Namibia.

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The Campsite Companion. Camping in South Africa

The Campsite Companion makes the idea of camping, adapted to South African conditions, accessible and fun. Learn More
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101 Beloved Bars of Southern Africa

The 101 wackiest, wildest watering holes south of the Sahara are introduced in Beloved bars of Southern Africa. Learn More
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Diving with sharks and other adventure dives

For competent divers who wish to extend their horizons or push themselves to the limit Learn More
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Mein Namibia

Dies ist ein sympathisch geschriebenes und wirklich lesenswertes Büchlein mit Geschichten und Anekdoten aus dem Leben und von Reisen in Namibia Learn More
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Exploring the Kalahari. DVD Film

Exploring the Kalahari ist ein hochinteressanter Film auf DVD über schwer zu erreichende Reiseziele in der Süd-Kalahari. Learn More
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Four Wheel Drive. Side Slopes, Canyons of Utah, Boat Launching. DVD Film

Side Slopes, Canyons of Utah, Boat Launching ist ein Allrad-Film auf DVD und aus der Reihe Four Wheel Drive. Learn More
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Stargazing from Game Reserves in Southern Africa

A must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, Stargazing from Game Reserves in Southern Africa offers visitors to game and nature parks an exciting night-time activity. Learn More
Available in Aug. 2020. Pre-order here.
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The Outdoor Survival Bible

Whether you are travelling alone, or as part of a group, The Outdoor Survival Bible will provide you with essential support for your expedition. Learn More
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Gone Fishing: South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia

Gone Fishing features the greatest fishing spots along the entire coastline of South Africa and selected sites in Mozambique and Namibia as well as some inland fishing areas. Learn More
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Wohnmobile selbst ausbauen und optimieren

Wohnmobile selbst ausbauen und optimieren: 1000 Tips und Tricks für alle Wohnmobil-Selbstausbauer und Wohnmobil-Optimierer. Learn More
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Road Tripping Namibia (Mapstudio)

Road Tripping Namibia showcases a selection of 15 iconic road trips, all perfectly manageable in a normal car. Learn More
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