The topics South Africa Environment and South Africa Ecology have been subject to diverse scientific researches and projects, and continuously are.

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The Story of Earth and Life. A southern African perspective on a 4.6-billion-year journey

The Story of Earth and Life explaines southern African scientific knowledge in a fascinating and easy-to-understand way. Learn More
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Ecoguide Fynbos

This ecoguide introduces 400 wildflowers and birds, insects, spiders, reptiles and mammals in their environment in the Fynbos region of South Africa. Learn More
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Making the most of Indigenous Trees

A most significant, useful and practical book on 144 tree species of South Africa Learn More
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Waterwise Gardening in South Africa and Namibia

Waterwise Gardening in South Africa and Namibia is aimed at anyone who wants to create a new garden or convert an existing one to waterwise principles. Learn More
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Pocket Guide: Mushrooms of South Africa

The pocket guide to Mushrooms of South Africa features a selection of the species more commonly found in the region. Learn More
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A game ranger remembers

A game ranger remembers a collection of stories about the life of men and women who guard the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Learn More
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Alien & Invasive Animals: A South African Perspective

Alien & Invasive Animals is the first book to be published on alien animals from the South African perspective. Learn More
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Lebensader Orange River. Wasser und Frieden im Süden Afrikas

Alltag, Kultur und Geschichte der Menschen am Fluss und der Lebensader Orange River. Wie Wasser den Frieden im Süden Afrikas sichern kann. Learn More
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Kruidjie roer my. Die antieke helingskuns van die Karoo-veld

Kruidjie roer my - Die antieke helingskuns van die Karoo-veld is nie ’n mediese gids nie maar ’n harts-gids. Alles kom uit Antoinette se hart uit. Volg dit en jy sal haar heling ervaar. Learn More
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How on Earth?

How on Earth? sets out to answer puzzles in nature and the environment of Africa and the world. Learn More
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National Parks and Nature Reserves: A South African Field Guide

National Parks and Nature Reserves: A South African Field offers a comprehensive overview of 43 parks, reserves and wilderness areas. Learn More
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Shaping Kruger

Shaping Kruger provides fascinating insight into the lives, habits and behaviour of the larger animals that significantly affect the workings of the park. Learn More
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Wüsten: Entstehung, Kennzeichen, Lebensraum

Die Entstehung und Kennzeichen des Lebensraum der Wüsten sind reich an spannenden Facetten, die es sich zu entdecken lohnt! Learn More
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Into the River of Life. A biography of Ian Player

Into the River of Life is the story and biography of Ian Player, an internationally recognised environmentalist and conservationist. Learn More
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The White Rhino Saga

The White Rhino Saga is a tale of adventure, of Africa, of animals, and of the man who set out to save them. Learn More
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Kruger National Park: Questions & Answers

Kruger National Park: Questions & Answers is a compilation of the questions most frequently asked by visitors to the Park. Learn More
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Kirstenbosch Journal

Decorated with African wild flowers, the Kirstenbosch Journal is designed as a gardening journal. Learn More
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Problem plants and alien weeds of South Africa

This revised edition helps recognising, understanding and controling problem plants and alien weeds in South Africa's regions. Learn More
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Bushveld: Ecology and Management

Seventeen of South Africa's most prominent bush experts share their knowledge about ecology and management of the Bushveld. Learn More
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Fynbos: Ecology and Management

Fynbos: Ecology and Management is suitable for use in all types of fynbos, renosterveld and strandveld, from Clanwilliam and Nieuwoudtville, south to Cape Town and to Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth. Learn More
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Easy Guide to landscape design for the home owner

Landscape design for the home owner is an easy guide to most ‘first time garden’ situations and pitfalls and provides guidelines to alterations and changes in garden styles. Learn More
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The Poacher's Moon: A True Story of Life, Death, Love and Survival in Africa

The Poacher's Moon: A True Story of Life, Death, Love and Survival in Africa is a disturbing but very good read on wildlife conservation. Learn More
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South African Coasts

South African Coasts: a celebration of our seas and shores showcases the very best of the photography as judged in the Sustainable Seas Trust 2013/14 competition. Learn More
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Biodiversity in southern Africa

Biodiversity in southern Africa introduces to results of 10 years of joint research by South African, Namibian, and German institutions within the project “BIOTA Southern Africa. Learn More
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