This is the place for true South Africa biographies only and therefore here the biography is separated from memoirs and the writings of witnesses to history.

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Heavens Things

Heavens Things - A Story of the /Xam: Two groups of individuals from vastly different backgrounds work together with a sense of mutual respect and co-operation. Learn More
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C.G. Büttner. Missionar, Sprachforscher und Politiker in der deutschen Kolonialbewegung

Biographie: Carl Gotthilf Büttner (1884-1893) war Herero-Missionar, Sprachforscher und Politiker in der deutschen Kolonialbewegung. Learn More
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My Dad – By South African Sons

A collection of stories about things said and not left unsaid Learn More
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Brett Kebble - The Inside Story

Investigates Kebble’s dark secrets and explores his relationships with some of South Africa’s ‘new elite’ Learn More
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Timeless Encounters. Fritz Krampe, a painter’s life in Africa

The biography Timeless Encounters tells the life and work of painter Fritz Krampe in South West Africa. Learn More
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A Life in Transition. Alex Boraine

Alex Boraine's fascinating life of fighting injustice in South Africa. Learn More
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Vom Krämerbuben zum Brotmillionär

Lebenserinnerungen eines oberbayrischen Bäckermeisters und Unternehmers in Südafrika und Namibia Learn More
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The Small Matter of a Horse: The Life of Nongoloza Mathebula

The small matter of a horse: The life of Nongoloza Mathebula 1867–1948 tells how a young man became a hardened criminal. Learn More
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Seven Khoi Lives: Cape Biographies of the Seventeenth Century

Seven Khoi Lives Cape Biographies of the Seventeenth Century reports from a time when the Khoikhoi tried to find a way of co-operating with the Europeans. Learn More
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Publish and be Damned. Two Decades of Scandals

Publish and be Damned tells a woman's career in investigative journalism in South Africa, uncovering two decades of political and criminal scandals. Learn More
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Platinum, Gold and Diamonds. The story of Hans Merensky’s discovery

This biography of Hans Merensky’s tells far more about this successful geologist than about his successful mining of platinum, gold and diamonds only. Learn More
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Dapper kinders van Suid-Afrika

Dapper kinders van Suid-Afrika eer die bekende en minder bekende heldhaftige kinders in die geskiedenis van Suid-Afrika. Learn More
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Lady Trader. A Biography of Mrs Sarah Heckford

Lady Trader brings remarkable Sarah Heckford to life in a riveting South African biography. Learn More
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Anton van Wouw: The smaller works

Van Wouw’s smaller works are reinterpreted and re-evaluated by the eminent professor Alexander E. Duffey. Learn More
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The Passion for Reason. Essays in Honour of Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert

Various well known authers have contributed essays in honour of Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert in The Passion for Reason. Learn More
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Zuma: A biography

This biography of Zuma covers his whole live but the main focus remains on the last eight years until 2010. Learn More
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Captured in time: Five centuries of South African writing

Five centuries of South African writing is represented by the collection of historcial snippets in Captured in time. Learn More
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Crossing the borders of power: The memoirs of Colin Eglin

In Crossing the Borders of Power, his memoirs, Colin Eglin recalls an active life as a politician in South Africa. Learn More
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Strooidak en Toring

In Strooidak en Toring, Izak de Villiers, welkbekend as digter en skrywer, kyk terug op 'n lewe en loopbaan wat met hoogtepunte besaai is. Learn More
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Überlebenskampf in der Namib. Erlebnisse des Frachtfahrers Adriaan Esterhuizen

Überlebenskampf in der Namiba ist die Biografie von Adriaan Esterhuizen, einem Frachtfahrer in Südwestafrika in der Zeit nach 1900. Learn More
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The Free Diary of Albie Sachs

The Free Diary of Albie Sachs describes the years of a South African in European exile. Learn More
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Black Jerusalem

Black Jerusalem is a mostly funny journey of pitching for new business in South Africa's first black advertising agency. Learn More
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Touch My Blood

As a teenager Fred Khumalo greeted his friends with a handshake and the words 'touch my blood'. It implied friendship and trust. Learn More
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The Unexploded Boer

Written in an electric and hilarious style, The Unexploded Boer is destined to become a cult classic. Learn More
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