Applied Geography

Whether you name it Namibia Regional Studies or Namibia Applied geography, there are many most interesting books available on this topic.

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Cape Cross. Past and present

The fascinating past and present of Cape Cross in Namibia over the past 500 years. Learn More
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Kalahari. Life's variety in dune and delta

The region study Kalahari beautifully describes and displays fife's variety in Botswana's dunes and delta. Learn More
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Sesriem und Sossusvlei. Die Wüste erleben

Ein landeskundlicher Blick auf die Geschichte, Geologie und Ökologie der Wüste Namib im Bereich von Sesriem und Sossusvlei. Learn More
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!Nara. Fruit for development of the !Khuiseb Topnaar

!Nara is melon-like fruit and an inseparable part of the culture and the development of the Topnaar people along the !Khuiseb. Learn More
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Touring Sesriem and Sossusvlei

A guide to plants and animals of the Namib area of Sesriem and Sossusvlei, its history, geology, ecology and touring routes. Learn More
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Etosha. Ritmi di un'Africa selvaggia (italiano)

Con magnifìche immagini e parole toccanti offrono una visione profonda della natura unica del paradiso dell'Etosha Learn More
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Etosha. Au rythme d'une contrée sauvage africaine (français)

Avec des images superbes et des mots émouvants, ils nous emmènent au coeur de cet unique paradis de la nature qu'est Etosha. Learn More
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Etosha. Rhythms of an African wilderness

With brilliant images and moving words this book gives a deep insight into the unique African wilderness of Etosha. Learn More
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The Story of Earth and Life. A southern African perspective on a 4.6-billion-year journey

The Story of Earth and Life explaines southern African scientific knowledge in a fascinating and easy-to-understand way. Learn More
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Namib: Secrets of a desert uncovered

Namib: Secrets of a desert uncovered features 20 chapters on the secret life of plants, rivers, animals and the shifting of dunes in the Namib Desert. Learn More
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A walk through prehistoric Twyfelfontein

A walk through prehistoric Twyfelfontein is an account of it’s geological development in earliest times to the population of the area by prehistoric creatures and primeval forests. Learn More
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A visit to the White Lady of the Brandberg

A visit to the White Lady is an introduction to the vast rock painting collection at the Brandberg Mountains in Namibia. Learn More
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Namibia: Geschichte - Menschen - Perspektiven

"Namibia: Geschichte - Menschen - Perspektiven" ist eine vielseitige Dokumentation über eines der schönsten deutschsprachigen Länder der Welt. Learn More
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How on Earth?

How on Earth? sets out to answer puzzles in nature and the environment of Africa and the world. Learn More
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Namibia’s Coast: Ocean riches and desert treasure

Namibia’s Coast: Ocean riches and desert treasure introduces the coast of Namibia in seven environmental chapters. Learn More
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Guide to Night Skies of Southern Africa

This enlarged, new-format edition of Guide to Night Skies of Southern Africa has been thoroughly revised and updated to incorporate the latest findings and advances in the science of astronomy. Learn More
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Wüsten: Entstehung, Kennzeichen, Lebensraum

Die Entstehung und Kennzeichen des Lebensraum der Wüsten sind reich an spannenden Facetten, die es sich zu entdecken lohnt! Learn More
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Wasserwirtschaft in S.W.A. Waterwese in S.W.A. Water affairs in S.W.A.

Wasserwirtschaft in S.W.A. Waterwese in S.W.A. Water affairs in S.W.A. ist ein Standardwerk über die Wasserwirtschaft Südwestafrikas. Learn More
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Namibia für Kinder

Kinder lernen auf einer Namibia-Reise Menschen, Tiere, Pflanzen und Landschaften Namibias kennen. Learn More
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A journey through history and modern times of the mining town Oranjemund in South Namibia. Learn More
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Der Otjikotosee. Geschichte und Geheimnis

Die Ortsgeschichte, Gerüchte und Geheimnisse um den Otjikotosee bei Tsumeb im Nord-Westen Namibias. Learn More
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Lake Otjikoto. History and mystery

The local history, rumours, mystery and secrets of Lake Otjikoto near Tsumeb in Namibia. Learn More
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A profile and atlas of the Cuvelai-Etosha basin

This atlas describes the main features of the Namibian part of the basin and provides an overview of the entire profile Owambo or Cuvelai-Etosha Basin. Learn More
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Eine Reise durch die Geschichte Uukwaluudhis

Eine Reise durch die Geschichte Uukwaluudhis stellt die Kultur, Geschichte und Umgebung der Aakwaluudhi im Owamboland im Norden Namibias vor. Learn More
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