Cut flowers of the world

Cut Flowers of the World describes and illustrates more than 330 different species of commercially important flowers, foliages and potted flowers.
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Title: Cut Flowers of the World
Author: Johannes Maree; Ben-Erik van Wyk
Publisher: Briza Publications
Pretoria, South Africa 2010
ISBN 9781875093687 / ISBN 978-1-875093-68-7
Hardcover, 17 x 24 cm, 400 pages, 700 colour photographs


Part of the beauty of florist flowers lie in their extreme diversity, an aspect that is exploited by breeders in their efforts to create an ever-increasing number of colourful and often bizarre new forms. This is at the same time a frustrating aspect of florist flowers, as it is practically impossible to account for the full diversity in a single book. There are many thousands of cultivars for roses alone! The best the authors could do within the limitation of 400 pages was to provide an overview at the species level. Some exceptions were made in cases where there are very distinct cultivar groups that most people would recognise as separate entities. For many of the 330 entries, the original parentage of the commercially used flower has been obscured by a long period of hybridisation and back-crossing, often involving several species. In the treatment of species they have followed the internationally accepted binomial Latin names given to plants. For all the species, the best-known common name or names are also provided. By giving critical information in a user-friendly way, Johannes Maree and Ben-Erik van Wyk hope that Cut Flowers of the World will not only inform but also add to the joy and pleasure of giving and receiving flowers.

Content: Cut flowers of the world

History of flowers
The language of flowers
Regions of origin
The modern cut flower industry
Main production areas
From breeder to consumer
Cultivars and breeding
Cultivation of cut flowers
Harvesting of cut flowers
Post-harvest treatments of cut flowers
Marketing of cut flowers
Properties of cut flowers
Quality criteria - how to select a superior flower
Care and handling of fresh cut flowers
Care and handling of dried flowers
Care and handling of cut greens and foliage
Care and handling of potted flowers
Common name indexes
Cut flowers
Cut greens, foliage and fillers
Potted flowers
Cut flowers in alphabetical order
Glossary of terms
Further reading
General index