Pocket Guide to Birds of Southern Africa

This pocket bird guide is an essential and practical aid for birders in the bush of Southern Africa.
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Title: Pocket Guide to Birds of Southern Africa
Authors: Burger Cillie, Ulrich Oberprieler
Publisher: Sunbird Publishers
5th edition. Cape Town, South Africa 2013
ISBN 9781920289713 / ISBN 978-1-920289-71-3
Softcover, 26x26 cm, 160 pages, 200 colour photographs


To beginner and experienced birdwatchers, this compact guide Pocket Guide to Birds of Southern Africa will prove as indispensable as binoculars. An essential aid for nature-lovers and heavyweight birders, you cannot afford to be without this book. Pocket Guide to Birds of Southern Africal features a user-friendly size and design, lists over 400 bird species in excellent colour photos, indicates colour variations and gives concise biological information. Furtheron English and Afrikaans names and Southern African bird numbers are given as well as updated distribution maps and a quick index.


Symbols and abbreviations on photographs
Different parts of a bird's body
Vegetation map
A key to the main groups of birds
Birds: Groups
New names
Quick index
Photographic credits