Wolfberg Cracks: Southern Cederberg, Western Cape

A climber's guide to the Wolfberg Cracks area in the Southern Cederberg located in the Western Cape of South Africa.
Lourens, Tony
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Title: Wolfberg Cracks: Southern Cederberg, Western Cape
Type: Mountaineering and Rock Climbing Guide
Author: Tony Lourens
Publisher: Blue Mountain Design & Publishing
Cape Town, South Africa 2008
ISBN 978062042783 / ISBN 978-0-620-4278-3
Softcover, 13 x 19 cm, 128 pages, throughout colour and b/w photos

Description: Wolfberg Cracks: Southern Cederberg, Western Cape

The Wolfberg Guide not only comprehensively covers the whole of the Wolfberg Cracks area, but also covers Sandrif Crag, the Pup, Maltese Cross, Truitjieskraal, Bobbejaanskop and the new Rooiberg sport and trad crag on Nuwerus farm. It consitst of all the info you will need to get to and climb at these beautiful and special places. It includes notes on flora and fauna, geology, climbing history, weather, environmental issues, access, water, descents, side attractions, emergency procedures, scaled maps and diagrams, photo topos marking the climbs with detailed descriptions of all the routes and lots of glossy colour climbing pics. A must if you plan to climb at one of the Cederberg’s premier climbing areas.

Content: Wolfberg Cracks: Southern Cederberg, Western Cape

About This Guide
Emergency Procedures
Environmental Impact
Rock Art
A Brief History
Geology and the Rock
How to Get There
Camping & Accommodation
Side Attractions
New Route Info
Maps & Diagrams:
General Cederberg Map
Wolfberg Approach
Gaper Crack & Surrounds
Pup & Maltese Approach
Truitjieskraal & Surrounds
Trutjieskraal Plan View
South-West Wall:

Pinnacle Sector
Goldrush Sector
Quite Something Sector
Satisfaction Sector
BP Overhang Sector
South-East Wall
First Crack
Energy Crisis Prow
Gaper Crack
Cyclops Wall
Leaning Tower Sector
Thai Sector
Wedwoe Buttress
Sanddrif Crag
Two Tier Crag

General Info
North-East Face

Cave Buttress
Eagle Buttress
Jedi Wall
Main Wall
Canis Minor Buttress
Canis Major Buttress
The Snout
The Maltese Cross
General Info

Ken's Block
Red Turret
Gollum's Alley
Punks In the Cederberg Wall
Dragon's Cleft
Cave Buttress
Gateway Prow
Tre Putane
Gift Buttress
The Arch
Twin Columns
Cleavage Wall
Hueco Punks Area
Give Away Wall
Rattler Buttress
Mad Cowboy Cleft
Parkinson's Wall
Alzheimer's Wall
Rattle Snake Arête
Snake Charmer Arête
Bushman Wall
Babe Area
Can Can Wall
Route Index by Area & Grade