Every December. Namibian Christmas: Stories, Reflections, Poems

Many Namibian authors have contributed to the book Every December. Namibian Christmas: Stories, Reflections, Poems.
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Title: Every December
Subtitle: Namibian Christmas: Stories, Reflections, Poems
Authors: see table of content
Publisher: Kuiseb Publishers
Windhoek, Namibia 2017
ISBN 9789994576531 / ISBN 978-99945-76-53-1
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 104 pages, several colour photographs

About: Every December. Namibian Christmas: Stories, Reflections, Poems

Love, peace, togetherness and sharing happiness, this is the meaning of Christmas all over the world. Through this book, "Every December. Namibian Christmas: Stories, Reflections, Poems", numerous Namibians from Katima Mulilo to Luderitz, from Opuwo to Keetmanshoop, and from Windhoek to Swakopmund, share their Christmas traditions during the hottest season of the year.

Content: Every December. Namibian Christmas: Stories, Reflections, Poems

Foreword Preface
The Way the Cookie Crumbles (Sylvia Schlettwein)
Ongo Mokuti Ongaango (Prince Kamaazengi Marenga I)
Scream of Konsciousness (Prince Kamaazengi Marenga I)
Kersfees (Fanie Gous)
Christmas (Fanie Gous)
Licht, Hoffnung, neues Leben (Anka Eichhoff)
The Namibian Christmas Tree (Irmtraut Koch)
Desert December (Dorian Haarhoff)
One Christmas Celebration in 1982 in Oshigambo Village (Victoria Ndinelago Erasmus)
The Dune (Dirk Heinrich)
Silent Night, Holy Night
The Taxi (Pierre Maw)
Acacian Christmas (Sylvia Schlettwein)
Nativity Play at Tsebresf Khomas Hochland (Hetty Rose-Junius)
Independence Avenue (Tanja Bause)
Nancy's Krismis Tea (Ingrid Kubisch)
En Toe Kom More... Kersfees (Louisa Beukes)
Christmas on Ruimte (Catharina Greeff-Sachse)
Christmas at Fire Place (Dirk Heinrich)
Okuhepa (Ilme Schneider)
O Come, Little children
Three Gifts (Dorian Haarhoff)
Christmas Dawn in the Daures (Florence IKhaxas)
Christmas Decoration (Mildred Kehrmann)
Numb (Andrew Kathindi)
Heifie Weihnacht (Sylvia Schlettwein)
Christmas on the Farm (Nina Van Schalkwyk)
Swakopmund (Louis Conradie)
Stille Nag Heilige Nag in Langstrand (Louis Conradie)
Silent Night, Holy Night at Langstrand (Louis Conradie)
Omahaleloyambekog Okilisimesa (Chief Ankama)
Afrikanische Weihnacht (Jochen Voigts)
The Magic at Christmas (Benike Palfi)
Namibian Christmas Tree (Dirk Heinrich)
Silent Night Holy Night (Anka Eichhoff)
Von kleinen und großen Weihnachtswundern (Gabriele Moldzio)
Xrismes-WaebXa (Franziska Xamses and Matilda Isaaks)
Christmas Time (Franziska Xamses and Matilda Isaaks)
Namibian Santa Klaus (Isdor Kamati)
The Christmas Wish (Hans-Volker Gretschel)
Dis Desember, dis Kersfees! (Louisa Beukes)
Christmas-A Strange Time of the Year! (Burgert Brand)
Prosit Neujahr 1938 (Gunter von Schumann)