Amphibien stellen als Klasse Amphibia drei Ordnungen dar, wovon nur eine, die Anura (Frösche), im südlichen Afrika vorkommt. Die beiden anderen Ordnungen sind die Caudata, Salamander und Molche der nördlichen Halbkugel, und die Apoda, beinlose Caecilidae der afrikanischen Tropenwälder.

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Frogs and Frogging in South Africa

Frogs and Frogging in Southern Africa examines how these remarkable creatures behave and how they have adapted to different habitats. Mehr erfahren
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Sounds of the African Bush

Sounds of the African Bush consits of a CD with 76 African animal calls and a book with full-colour photographs, maps and species descriptions. Mehr erfahren
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The Reef Guide. Fishes, corals, nudibranchs and other invertebrates East and South Coasts of Southern Africa

This reef guide documents some 800 reef fishes and invertebrates found along the east and south coasts of southern Africa and the western Indian Ocean Islands. Mehr erfahren
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Freshwater Life: A field guide to the plants and animals of southern Africa

Freshwater life, the first illustrated field guide of its kind for the wider southern African region, describes a vast range of plant and animal groups. Mehr erfahren
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My first book of Southern African seashore life

My first book of Southern African seashore life covers 58 sea creatures and plants that are likely to be found at the shore. Mehr erfahren
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My first book of Southern African frogs

My first book of Southern African Frogs introduces 55 different types of frog and includes a CD of their calls. Mehr erfahren
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African Wildlife Quiz Book

The African Wildlife Quiz Book is packed with quizzes, crosswords, word searches, brainteasers and interesting facts. Mehr erfahren
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Find 50 in the Game Reserve: Have fun exploring Southern Africa

Find 50 wild animals and birds as you venture out on your next trip, exploring one of the game reserves of Southern Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Nature Unpacked: The traveller's ultimate bush guide to Southern Africa

Nature Unpacked is the ultimate travelling companion for those visiting the southern African bush. Mehr erfahren
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