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Pale Native

Pale Native Max du Preez tells a true story about the risks of investigative journalism in the front line in South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Anatomy of South Africa. Who holds the power?

A vivid, up-to-date picture of how power works in the new South Africa and who really makes the decisions around here Mehr erfahren
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27,50 € *

Everyone's Guide to South African Law

Essential information on a wide range of legal issues, from criminal offences to personal finances Mehr erfahren
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Ethics - The Leadership Edge

Helps leaders build high-trust, high-performance organisational cultures that influence all stakeholders towards competitive excellence Mehr erfahren
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Making Money out of Property in South Africa

This is a clear, well-written and factual perspective on the South African property market Mehr erfahren
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Everyone’s Guide to the South African Economy. 9th edition

The 9th edition of Everyone’s Guide to the South African Economy clearly explains the economic forces that subtly dictate the day-to-day existence of South Africans. Mehr erfahren
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19,95 € *

Gangs, politics and dignity in Cape Town

Vivid study of the day-to-day experience of living in a working class neighbourhood on the Cape Flats Mehr erfahren
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Leben und arbeiten in Südafrika

Südafrika – neue Möglichkeiten am anderen Ende der Welt Mehr erfahren
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Südafrika. Ein Land im Umbruch

Ein persönliches Landesporträt gibt vielfältige Einblicke in Geschichte, Politik, Gesellschaft und Kultur Südafrikas Mehr erfahren
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16,90 € *

Am Kap der guten Geschäfte: Strategien für langfristigen Erfolg in Südafrika

Am Kap der guten Geschäfte ist eine unerlässliche Lektüre für Unternehmer und Berufstätige, die in oder mit Südafrika Strategien für langfristigen Erfolg entwickeln wollen. Mehr erfahren
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Publish and be Damned. Two Decades of Scandals

Publish and be Damned tells a woman's career in investigative journalism in South Africa, uncovering two decades of political and criminal scandals. Mehr erfahren
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19,95 € *

In the Twilight of the Revolution: The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (South Africa) 1959–1994

"In the Twilight of the Revolution" introduces to the history of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) and the rise of the Africanist ideology in South Africa from 1959 to 1994. Mehr erfahren
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39,95 € *

The arms deal in your pocket

The arms deal in your pocket tells the a highly compicated story the simplest way possible.arms deal, South Africa Mehr erfahren
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Südafrika: Katerstimmung am Kap

Südafrika: Katerstimmung am Kap kritisiert den Verfall von politischer Kultur und Rechtsstaatlichkeit in Südafrika: aktuell und konkret. Mehr erfahren
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Crossing the borders of power: The memoirs of Colin Eglin

In Crossing the Borders of Power, his memoirs, Colin Eglin recalls an active life as a politician in South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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19,95 € *

On the contrary: Leading the opposition in the new South Africa

In his memoirs On the contrary, tony leon describes his role while leading the opposition in the new South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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28,50 € *

At risk: Writing on and over the edge of South Africa

There is something immediate and unforgettable about the experience of reading these stories of At risk - writing on and over the edge of South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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12,50 € *

The inner circle: Recollections from the last days of white rule

The persepective of the inner circle of governmaental power, recollections from the last days of white rule in South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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24,80 € *

Load-shedding. Writing on and over the edge of South Africa

Load-shedding: Writing on and over the edge of South Africa is a collection of non-fiction stories from South Africa’s pre-eminent authors, journalists and commentators. Mehr erfahren
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13,95 € *

Journalisten der Finsternis. Akteure, Strukturen und Potenziale deutscher Afrika-Berichterstattung

Journalisten der Finsternis stellt der in Deutschland üblichen inhaltsanalytischen Auseinandersetzung eine ausführliche Analyse der an der Afrika-Berichterstattung beteiligten Kommunikatoren bei. Mehr erfahren
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34,50 € *

Country of My Skull

Country of My Skull captures the complexity of the Truth Commission’s work in a uniquely personal narrative. Mehr erfahren
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23,80 € *

First Drafts: South African History in the Making

First Drafts: South African History in the Making takes the reader on a journey through the tumultuous years of the past decade. Mehr erfahren
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19,95 € *

Zuma Exposed

Zuma Exposed is the book President Jacob Zuma does not want you to read. It reveals the truth behind Jacob Zuma’s presidency of the ANC and South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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19,95 € *

Nelson Mandela: The Authorised Comic

This is the authorised comic about the life story of Nelson Mandela. Mehr erfahren
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