Südafrika und Wandern gehören untrennbar zusammen und garantieren intensives Naturerleben! Alle Regionen Südafrikas bieten eine große Zahl gut erschlossener Wanderwege von unterschiedlicher Länge und Schwierigkeit an.

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Wildnis Ausrüstung

Wildnis-Ratgeber für die richtige Wahl der notwendigen Ausrüstung. Mehr erfahren
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Wie könnte man die Wildnis besser und intensiver erleben als zu Fuß mit Zelt und Rucksack, auch Backpacking genannt? Mehr erfahren
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Südafrika: Drakensberge Giants Cup Trail

Der Südafrika-Bergführer Giant's Cup Hiking Trail erschließt dem Wanderer eine faszinierende Gebirgsregion Südafrikas. Mehr erfahren
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Great African Adventure: A Guide to the Mother Continent’s Ultimate Outdoor Adventures

Tales of high adventure, in-your-face photography, destination overviews, maps and contact details Mehr erfahren
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The Campsite Companion. Camping in South Africa

The Campsite Companion makes the idea of camping, adapted to South African conditions, accessible and fun. Mehr erfahren
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Table Mountain and Cape Peninsula Activities Map (MapStudio)

Die Table Mountain and Cape Peninsula Activities Map von MapStudio ist eine ausgezeichnete Karte für Unternehmungslustige am Kap der Guten Hoffnung. Mehr erfahren
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Lighthouses of South Africa

Lighthouses of South Africa is an epic story of shipping over the centuries and of mariners who embarked on competitive quests for wealth and exploration, braving the Cape of Good Hope. Mehr erfahren
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Slackpacking: A guide to South Africa's top leisure trails

Slackpacking: A guide to South Africa's top leisure trails allows hikers to travel light while someone else takes care of the overnight bags. Mehr erfahren
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Top 12 Hiking Trails of the Western Cape (Mapstudio)

Mapstudio's Top 12 Hiking Trails of the Western Cape provides an overview of each route and its history along with a day-by-day description of the route walked and a summary. Mehr erfahren
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Stargazing from Game Reserves in Southern Africa

A must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, Stargazing from Game Reserves in Southern Africa offers visitors to game and nature parks an exciting night-time activity. Mehr erfahren
Available in Aug. 2020. Pre-order here.
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Trail Runner's Guide

Trail Runner's Guide provides comprehensive coverage of trails in and around South Africa as well as information on training gear, footwear, nutrition, events and insider tips. Mehr erfahren
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The Outdoor Survival Bible

Whether you are travelling alone, or as part of a group, The Outdoor Survival Bible will provide you with essential support for your expedition. Mehr erfahren
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Hiking Trails of South Africa

500 hiking trails of South Africa are described in this new volume and it offers something for everyone, from the casual ambler to the experienced hiker. Mehr erfahren
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Paths to Pubs: A Guide to Hikes and Pints in the Cape Peninsula

Paths to Pubs: A Guide to Hikes and Pints in the Cape Peninsula describes 69 tracks that traverse Table Mountain, the headlands of Cape Point, and the ridges, beaches, forests and coastal villages. Mehr erfahren
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Family Walks in Cape Town

Family Walks in Cape Town offers 30 short walks in the Peninsula, grouped into the areas of Central Cape Town, Atlantic Seaboard, Southern Peninsula, Southern Suburbs and Northern Suburbs. Mehr erfahren
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Life's a beach: Your Round-the-Coast Guide to South African Beaches (MapStudio)

Discover the beauty of South Africa’s beaches with MapStudio‘s Life's a beach: Your Round-the-Coast Guide. Mehr erfahren
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A-Z Place Names of South Africa (MapStudio)

MapStudio's guide A-Z Place Names of South Africa introduces to 900 name origins, history and attractions. Mehr erfahren
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Southern Peninsula Classics: A Guide To Mountain Adventures

Southern Peninsula Classics: A guide to mountain adventures. Walks, scrambles and moderate rock climbs in the South African region. Mehr erfahren
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Steenberg Buttress: Rock Climbs

Steenberg Buttress is a great place to get into rock climbing in South Africa, as there are many easy to handle routes. Mehr erfahren
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