Für die Hauptregionen in Südafrika gibt es hochinteressante Landeskunde-Bücher.

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Kalahari. Life's variety in dune and delta

The region study Kalahari beautifully describes and displays fife's variety in Botswana's dunes and delta. Mehr erfahren
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Timeless Karoo

Timeless Karoo ist ein bezaubernder Bildband, der die spröde Karoo ins rechte Licht rückt und ihre Schönheit und Geschichte ausführlich beschreibt. Mehr erfahren
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The Story of Earth and Life. A southern African perspective on a 4.6-billion-year journey

The Story of Earth and Life explaines southern African scientific knowledge in a fascinating and easy-to-understand way. Mehr erfahren
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How on Earth?

How on Earth? sets out to answer puzzles in nature and the environment of Africa and the world. Mehr erfahren
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Guide to Night Skies of Southern Africa

This enlarged, new-format edition of Guide to Night Skies of Southern Africa has been thoroughly revised and updated to incorporate the latest findings and advances in the science of astronomy. Mehr erfahren
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Wüsten: Entstehung, Kennzeichen, Lebensraum

Die Entstehung und Kennzeichen des Lebensraum der Wüsten sind reich an spannenden Facetten, die es sich zu entdecken lohnt! Mehr erfahren
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Geology off the beaten track. Exploring South Africa's hidden treasures

Geology off the beaten track introduces geological sites and treasures beyond the major routes across South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Kruger National Park: Questions & Answers

Kruger National Park: Questions & Answers is a compilation of the questions most frequently asked by visitors to the Park. Mehr erfahren
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Game Ranger in Your Backpack: All-in-one interpretative guide to the Lowveld

Game Ranger in Your Backpack is intended to substitute the presence of a personal guide during visits to the Lowveld region of South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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WTF What the Fact! (MapStudio)

MapStudio's WTF What the Fact! is a collection of many useful facts, mostly about South Africa, everyone wants to know. Mehr erfahren
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South African Coasts

South African Coasts: a celebration of our seas and shores showcases the very best of the photography as judged in the Sustainable Seas Trust 2013/14 competition. Mehr erfahren
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Biodiversity in southern Africa

Biodiversity in southern Africa introduces to results of 10 years of joint research by South African, Namibian, and German institutions within the project “BIOTA Southern Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Veld Management: Principles and Practices

Veld Management, Principles and Practices supports land users professionaly managing the veld under their care. Mehr erfahren
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Living Deserts of Southern Africa

Living Deserts of Southern Africa is a fascinating geographic regional study on Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Wild Karoo

Wild Karoo: A journey through history, change and revival in an ancient land. Mehr erfahren
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The West Coast. From Melkbos to the Orange River

The West Coast, from Melkbos to the Orange River, reveals a bounty of treasures that gives the Weskus, as locals call it, its particular allure. Mehr erfahren
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Hidden Karoo

Hidden Karoo offers a glimpse into towns and villages, farms and churches, public buildings and private homes, all against a backdrop of awe-inspiring landscapes. Mehr erfahren
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Hidden Pretoria

Hidden Pretoria, beyond impressive façades, soaring columns and linear planes of buildings that were intended to convey power and authority, bears light-filled interiors embellished with decorative touches. Mehr erfahren
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