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Wie überall, sind auch die Themen Südafrika Kunst und Südafrika Kultur einem steten Wandel, Besonderheiten und Einflüssen unterlegen, die sich im Buchangebot spiegeln.

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Mythen und Zeichen aus Afrika

Mythen und Zeichen aus Afrika: Katalog zur Ausstellung „Die Weiße Dame vom Brandberg". Mehr erfahren
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Lebende Legenden einer sterbenden Kultur

27 Erzählungen der verschienener Buschmann-Clans mit 34 ganzseiten Illustrationen von Künstlern des !Xu & Khwe Cultural Projects Mehr erfahren
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Eccentric South Africa

Eccentric South Africa is a celebration of extraordinary people and places in South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Timeless Encounters. Fritz Krampe, a painter’s life in Africa

The biography Timeless Encounters tells the life and work of painter Fritz Krampe in South West Africa. Mehr erfahren
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A Century of Sundays - 100 Years of Breaking News in the Sunday Times

Collection of articles and photographs that have appeared in The Sunday Times over hundred years Mehr erfahren
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10 Years 100 Artists. Art in a Democratic South Africa

The most important work on contemporary South African art yet Mehr erfahren
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The Fred de Vries interviews - From Abdullah to Zille

The book breaks down countless South African stereotypes and is beautifully researched, perceptive, humane Mehr erfahren
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Making Sense of Garden Design

A guide to development and evolution of a uniquely South African gardening style Mehr erfahren
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Muthi and Myths from the African Bush

52 compelling tales that lead on a journey of discovery of African plant mythology and its associated healing practices Mehr erfahren
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The Nation’s Bounty - The Xhosa Poetry of Nontsizi Mgqwetho

As cultural and literary documents, her poems resonate with both historical and contemporary significance Mehr erfahren
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Leben und arbeiten in Südafrika

Südafrika – neue Möglichkeiten am anderen Ende der Welt Mehr erfahren
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Pots and Poetry and other Essays

Pots and Poetry and other essays are a collection of some of South African philosopher Martin Versfeld’s most popular works. Mehr erfahren
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Die lenige liefde

Die lenige liefde, ’n bloemlesing uit al De Coninck se werke, sal weereens die leser betower. Mehr erfahren
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The life and work of Charles Bell

A spledid introduciton to the life and work of artist, land surveyor and designer Charles Bell in 19th-century Cape Town. Mehr erfahren
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Anton van Wouw: The smaller works

Van Wouw’s smaller works are reinterpreted and re-evaluated by the eminent professor Alexander E. Duffey. Mehr erfahren
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Sculpting the land: Strijdom van der Merwe

Sculpting the Land is about the art of Strijdom van der Merwe and transient creations before they fade, are blown, or washed away. Mehr erfahren
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Buite die Hekke van Eden

Buite die hekke van Eden is ’n unieke publikasie met ’n besondere kultuurhistoriese en artistieke waarde. Mehr erfahren
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TJ. Johannesburg Photographs 1948-2010

TJ. Johannesburg: David Goldblatt's photographs cover 62 years (1948-2010) of life in the South African city. Mehr erfahren
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Ardmore. We Are Because of Others

Ardmore: We Are Because of Others tells the extraordinary story of this famous artwork studio in South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Old Towns and Villages of the Cape

This is the first comprehensive study of the physical history of the old towns and villages of the former Cape Colony. Mehr erfahren
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Hidden Cape Town

A unique look inside thirty of Cape Town’s most notable, often somewhat hidden buildings. Exquisite photography! Mehr erfahren
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The Art of Losing. Why the Proteas Choke at the Cricket World Cup

The Art of Losing explains why the Proteas have never won a single knockout match at a Cricket World Cup. Mehr erfahren
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The poisoned chalice

The Poisoned Chalice takes a deep look at the the rise and fall of the post-isolation Springbok rugby coaches in South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Coastal Gardening in South Africa

Coastal Gardening in South Africa is a guide to creating a thriving garden, whether you live on the arid Weskus, subtropical KwaZulu-Natal or anywhere inbetween. Mehr erfahren
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