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Red Car Diaries behind the scenes on SA’s favourite travel show

Full of pics and anecdotes, Red Car Diaries makes you wish you had a terribly impractical red Chev and a few spare bokke Mehr erfahren
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Freshwater Fishing in South Africa

Freshwater Fishing in South Africa is a practical guide for anglers in general, but serves also as a start-up manual. Mehr erfahren
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African Fly-Fishing Handbook

A guide to freshwater and saltwater fly-fishing in Africa Mehr erfahren
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Höhlen erkunden

Höhlen erkunden, heißt eine faszinierende Welt zu betreten, die sich nur wenigen Menschen erschließt. Mehr erfahren
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Great African Adventure: A Guide to the Mother Continent’s Ultimate Outdoor Adventures

Tales of high adventure, in-your-face photography, destination overviews, maps and contact details Mehr erfahren
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The Campsite Companion. Camping in South Africa

The Campsite Companion makes the idea of camping, adapted to South African conditions, accessible and fun. Mehr erfahren
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Table Mountain and Cape Peninsula Activities Map (MapStudio)

Die Table Mountain and Cape Peninsula Activities Map von MapStudio ist eine ausgezeichnete Karte für Unternehmungslustige am Kap der Guten Hoffnung. Mehr erfahren
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Diving with sharks and other adventure dives

For competent divers who wish to extend their horizons or push themselves to the limit Mehr erfahren
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Leben und arbeiten in Südafrika

Südafrika – neue Möglichkeiten am anderen Ende der Welt Mehr erfahren
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Lighthouses of South Africa

Lighthouses of South Africa is an epic story of shipping over the centuries and of mariners who embarked on competitive quests for wealth and exploration, braving the Cape of Good Hope. Mehr erfahren
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Atlas of Dive Sites of South Africa & Mozambique (MapStudio)

The Atlas of Dive Sites of South Africa and Mozambique is a comprehensive guide to some of the top dive spots in Southern Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Four Wheel Drive. Side Slopes, Canyons of Utah, Boat Launching. DVD Film

Side Slopes, Canyons of Utah, Boat Launching ist ein Allrad-Film auf DVD und aus der Reihe Four Wheel Drive. Mehr erfahren
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South Africa's Greatest Golf Destinations

This lavishly illustrated coffee-table book explains why South Africa's Greatest Golf Destinations are so exciting to play, what prestigious tournaments they have hosted, and which illustrious players have competed there. Mehr erfahren
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Trail Runner's Guide

Trail Runner's Guide provides comprehensive coverage of trails in and around South Africa as well as information on training gear, footwear, nutrition, events and insider tips. Mehr erfahren
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The Outdoor Survival Bible

Whether you are travelling alone, or as part of a group, The Outdoor Survival Bible will provide you with essential support for your expedition. Mehr erfahren
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The Springboks and the Holy Grail

The Springboks and the Holy Grail is the epic story of South Africa’s amazing quests for the Rugby World Cup, 1995-2007. Mehr erfahren
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The Kings of Swing. Behind the scenes with South Africa's golfing greats

The Kings of Swing is the intimate and extraordinary story of those South Africa's golfing greats who have won numerous major championships. Mehr erfahren
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SuperVan & I

The cars, the races, the rivalries, the women. SuperVan & I introduces to the world of Sarel van der Merwe, South Africa's greatest racing driver. Mehr erfahren
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The Art of Losing. Why the Proteas Choke at the Cricket World Cup

The Art of Losing explains why the Proteas have never won a single knockout match at a Cricket World Cup. Mehr erfahren
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Politically Incorrect: The Autobiography

Politically Incorrect is Peter de Villiers's autobiography of a life and career in South African Rugby. Mehr erfahren
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Bob Woolmer's Art & Science of Cricket

Bob Woolmer's Art & Science of Cricket does not simply supply technical 'recipes' for batting, bowling and fielding. It aims at developing 'all-rounders' in this unique sport. Mehr erfahren
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Catch it, cook it in Southern Africa

Catch it, cook it in Southern Africa bridges the gap between catching your fish and bringing it to the table. Mehr erfahren
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Diving and spearfishing in South Africa

This new edition of Diving and Spearfishing in South Africa will appeal to both novice and seasoned spearfishers. Mehr erfahren
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Game Ranger in Your Backpack: All-in-one interpretative guide to the Lowveld

Game Ranger in Your Backpack is intended to substitute the presence of a personal guide during visits to the Lowveld region of South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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