Das Thema Umwelt ist in Namibia Gegenstand zahlreicher Forschungsprojekte mit starken Praxisbezügen z. B. der Ernährung und der Wasserversorgung.

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Cape Cross. Past and present

The fascinating past and present of Cape Cross in Namibia over the past 500 years. Mehr erfahren
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The region study Kalahari beautifully describes and displays fife's variety in Botswana's dunes and delta. Mehr erfahren
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Sesriem und Sossusvlei. Die Wüste erleben

Ein landeskundlicher Blick auf die Geschichte, Geologie und Ökologie der Wüste Namib im Bereich von Sesriem und Sossusvlei. Mehr erfahren
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Damaraland Flora. Spitzkoppe, Brandberg, Twyfelfontein

Im Damaraland befinden sich die Gebiete der Spitzkoppe, des Brandbergs und Twyfelfonteins, deren Flora hier ausführlich beschrieben ist. Mehr erfahren
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Touring Sesriem and Sossusvlei

A guide to plants and animals of the Namib area of Sesriem and Sossusvlei, its history, geology, ecology and touring routes. Mehr erfahren
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Heil-, Gift- und eßbare Pflanzen in Namibia

Beschreibung von 600 Heil-, Gift- und eßbare Pflanzen aus Namibia mit 117 ganzseitigen Zeichnungen. Mehr erfahren
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The Story of Earth and Life. A southern African perspective on a 4.6-billion-year journey

The Story of Earth and Life explaines southern African scientific knowledge in a fascinating and easy-to-understand way. Mehr erfahren
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Namib: Secrets of a desert uncovered

Namib: Secrets of a desert uncovered features 20 chapters on the secret life of plants, rivers, animals and the shifting of dunes in the Namib Desert. Mehr erfahren
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Biodiversity and the Ancestors. Challenges to Customary and environmental law case studies from Namibia

Spans an arc between legislative efforts on regional, national and local levels and traditional ways of maintaining the environment in Namibia Mehr erfahren
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Sperrgebiet of Namibia

A timeless tourist and nature guide to the diamond coast called Sperrgebiet of Namibia. Mehr erfahren
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Waterwise Gardening in South Africa and Namibia

Waterwise Gardening in South Africa and Namibia is aimed at anyone who wants to create a new garden or convert an existing one to waterwise principles. Mehr erfahren
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Etosha. Celebrating a hundred years of conservation

This leather bound, beautifully made book was published as a Limited Edition in 2007, when celebrating a hundred years of conservation of Etosha National Park was an international topic. Mehr erfahren
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Lebensader Orange River. Wasser und Frieden im Süden Afrikas

Alltag, Kultur und Geschichte der Menschen am Fluss und der Lebensader Orange River. Wie Wasser den Frieden im Süden Afrikas sichern kann. Mehr erfahren
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How on Earth?

How on Earth? sets out to answer puzzles in nature and the environment of Africa and the world. Mehr erfahren
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An Overview of Freehold Conservancies in Namibia

The Conservancy Association of Namibia (CANAM) gives an detailed overview of freehold conservancies that have been intitiated by the 23 members. Mehr erfahren
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This portait of the Sperrgebiet region is a valuable guide for anyone interested in wild and remote places of Namibia. Mehr erfahren
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Namibia’s Coast: Ocean riches and desert treasure

Namibia’s Coast: Ocean riches and desert treasure introduces the coast of Namibia in seven environmental chapters. Mehr erfahren
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Wüsten: Entstehung, Kennzeichen, Lebensraum

Die Entstehung und Kennzeichen des Lebensraum der Wüsten sind reich an spannenden Facetten, die es sich zu entdecken lohnt! Mehr erfahren
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Easy Guide to landscape design for the home owner

Landscape design for the home owner is an easy guide to most ‘first time garden’ situations and pitfalls and provides guidelines to alterations and changes in garden styles. Mehr erfahren
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The Poacher's Moon: A True Story of Life, Death, Love and Survival in Africa

The Poacher's Moon: A True Story of Life, Death, Love and Survival in Africa is a disturbing but very good read on wildlife conservation. Mehr erfahren
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Biodiversity in southern Africa

Biodiversity in southern Africa introduces to results of 10 years of joint research by South African, Namibian, and German institutions within the project “BIOTA Southern Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Indigenous knowledge of Namibia

Examines the indigenous knowledge of medicinal plants in Namibia, indigenous foods, coping and response strategies in dealing with human-wildlife conflicts, floods, gender, climate change and the management of natural resources. Mehr erfahren
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Journal 63-2015 (Namibia Scientific Society)

A scientific series published by the Namibia Scientific Society, this is the Journal Nr. 63 from 2015. Mehr erfahren
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Prehistory in the Central Namib Desert

Prehistory in the Central Namib Desert also matches environmental questions of today. Mehr erfahren
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