At the Fireside: True Southern African Stories

At the Fireside tells true Southern African stories and tales of people, places, patriots, battles and heroes.
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Title: At the Fireside
Subtitle: True Southern African Stories
Authors: Roger Webster
Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers
2nd edition. Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa 2013
ISBN 9781868425693 / ISBN 978-1-86842-569-3
Softcover, 15x23 cm, 219 pages


Roger Webster published his first volume of At the Fireside stories in 2001. It became an overnight bestseller and he went on to write three more books filled with magnificent stories from southern African. Now, ten years later, Roger Webster is back with another, all new volume of fireside tales of people and events that have shaped our remarkable country. The author brings to life anecdotes from our country’s past, either forgotten or, perhaps, left untold as a result of political prejudice, These are tales of courage and failure, honour and greed, hope and despair, unexpected and extraordinary achievements but, ultimately, stories of real people.

Contents: At the Fireside: True Southern African Stories

The Second Frontier War, May 1793
Nice Places, Even Nicer People
Road of No Return to Nottingham Road and its Famous Hotel
The Eastern Cape - the Final Demise
The War at Grahamstown
South Africa's Spanish Lady
The River of Diamonds
The British, Basuto and Moshesh
Mrs Catherine Jardine
The Battle of Hlobane
Forgotten Places in History
The Malmani Gold Rush of 1879
Mary Fitzgerald - a Woman of Purpose
Conrad Frederick Genal
Colourful Characters
The War of Bezuidenhout's Wagon
Killie Campbell
Early Theatre in Johannesburg
An African Masada
Anyone tor Christmas Pudding?
Of Character and Courage - Japie Greyling
Monument to DanieTheron
Diamonds and Blood
The Pride of a Nation
The Bhambatha Rebellion of 1906
Olive Schreiner
South African Coinage
Bondi the Sea Dog
Du Toit's Kloof Pass
Have We Forgotten Who We Are?
The New Unanswerable Questions
The Cape of Storms, Good Hope or Unknown
The Dividing Up of the Land - Post 1994
The Drums of Africa
The Land is Mine
The Outback
The Last Anglo-Boer War Memorial
The Cutting Edge of History in the Making
The Landscape of War
Calling the Right Shots