The sword and the pen: Six decades on the political frontier

The Sword and the Pen: Six decades on the political frontie is an excellent book about an extraordinary life in extraordinary times.
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Title: The sword and the pen
Subtitle: Six decades on the political frontier
Author: Allister Sparks
Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers SA
Cape Town; Johannesburg; South Africa, 2016
ISBN 9781868425594 / ISBN 978-1-86842-559-4
Softcover, 15 x 23 cm, 608 pages


The Sword and the Pen: Six decades on the political frontier is the story of how South African journalist Allister Sparks observed, chronicled and participated in his country's unfolding drama for more than 66 years, covering events from the premiership of D. F. Malan to the presidency of Jacob Zuma, witnessing at close range the rise and fall of apartheid and the rise and crisis of the new South Africa. He has written a remarkable account of both a life lived to its full as well as the surrounding narrative of South Africa from the birth of apartheid, the rise of political opposition, the dawn of democracy, right through to the crisis we are experiencing in South Africa today. Allister Sparks' special strength is a writing talent which combines precise reportage with shrewd analysis and unusual stamina.

Content: The Sword and the Pen. Six decades on the political frontier

The Sword
Man Without a Face
The Pen
New Frontiers
Return of the Wandering Son
Realising a Dream
In the Engine Room
A Tipping Point
In the Belly of the Beast
A Fight for Survival
My Camelot Year
The Great Escape
The Silencing of the Dissidents
Mahogany Row
A Time of Betrayal
A Roller-Coaster Ride
Road to Recovery
A Weird Way to the Top
To the Stormy Summit
The Mervyn and Myrtle Show
The Killing of a Secret
A Foot Soldier Again
The Power of Washington
Seeing All Sides
Life with Sue
Moments with Mandela
Killers of the Dream