Unconventional reminiscences

Unconventional Reminiscences describes true social history enhanced by adventure in a readable, riveting style.
Scully, William Charles
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Title: Unconventional Reminiscences
Author: William Charles Scully
Series: Penguin Modern Classics
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: The Penguin Group (South Africa)
Cape Town, South Africa 2007
ISBN 9780143185468 / ISBN 978-0-14-318546-8
Paperback, 13 x 20 cm, 290 Seiten


'The reminiscences set down here have been published serially in The State of South Africa, in more or less abridged form, under the title of Unconventional Reminiscences. They are mainly autobiographical. This has been inevitable; in any narrative based upon personal experience an attempt to efface oneself would tend to weaken vitality. Having lived for upwards of forty-five years in South Africa, usually in parts remote from those settled areas which have attained a measure of civilisation, and having been a wide wanderer in my early days, it has been my fortune to witness many interesting events and to be brought into contact with many strong men. Occasionally, as in the case of the earlier discoveries of gold and diamonds, I have drifted, a pipkin among pots, close to the centre around which the immediate interests of the country seemed to revolve. The period mainly dealt with is that magical one when South Africa, unnoted and obscure, was startled from the simplicity of her bucolic life by the discovery of gold and diamonds. This was, of course, some years before the fountains of her boundless potential wealth had become fully unsealed. I was one of that band of light-hearted, haphazard pioneers who, rejoicing in youthful energy and careless of their own interests, willingly laid the foundation upon which so many great fortunes have been built.' Such wrote William Charles Scully as a foreword for Unconventional Reminiscences. C. Louis Leipoldt added an afterword and Herman Charles Bosman in 1948 grumbled 'What do you know of William Charles Scully? Ask this question of the average reasonably well-read South African, and you will be amazed at the amount of ignorance he will reveal.'

Content: Unconventional Reminiscences

Notes on Sources
Eastern Cape
Diamond Fields
Pilgrim's Rest
Delagoa Bay
Mount Frere
Afterword by C Louis Leipoldt