24 Otjiherero Concert Songs

24 Otjiherero Concert Songs is a collection of popular Namibian concert songs on CD and music typsettings.
Erlank, Niels; Haakuria Samuel V.K.
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Title: 24 Otjiherero Concert Songs
Editors: Niels Erlank, Samuel V.K. Haakuria
Series: Namibian Music Series, Concert II
Publisher: New Namibia Books
Windhoek, Namibia 2002
ISBN 9991631569 / ISBN 99916-31-56-9
ISBN 9789991631561 / ISBN 978-9-99-163156-1
Softcover, 30 x 20 cm, 64 pages, numerous music typsettings, 1 CD

About: 24 Otjiherero Concert Songs

24 Otjiherero Concert Songs is a collection of popular concert songs connected to the lives of young Namibian people, whether at school, in hostels, in their families or in their communities. The songs tell stories of parental love, the difficulties of learning and of getting wayward children to study, the pain of growing into adulthood, the search for true love, and the beauty of the Herero land and culture. The series is primarily intended to be used in schools, and certain innovations have been made in the notation to enable teachers and students to sing the songs in class. The CD contains recordings made at various primary and secondary schools in Namibia. In earlier years, little musicological research was carried out in Namibia, with the result that a wealth of orally transmitted songs has been irretrievably lost. 24 Otjiherero Concert Songs is an attempt to record both the music and the lyrics of some of the most popular concert songs among the Herero. The cover illustration was desinged by Joseph Madisia.

Content: 24 Otjiherero Concert Songs

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24 Concert Songs

Koreye Vanene
Ete ovanatje vOvaherero
Amela Amela
Ndji Pewee Embo Ndi
Mba Toora Omauitji
TjiMba Ri Okatiti
Nokokure Ku Na Owoye
Musuverwa Ngatu Kare Pamwe
Ndundu Yomeva
Ozohungu Omakura
Katemba Ketu
Swii Kahirona
Ongombe Osazu
Omenye Karyapeke
Orutjandja Rwetu Orunene
Ewe raKarukua
Orutjindo Rwootate
Kopuwo Okokure
Maku Nuka Ovikuki
Ketambo Ndi
Resolution 435
Opuwo Twa Mana
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