On solid ground

On Solid Ground is a report on Gabrielle Lubowski’s life irrevocably changed when her husband ans SWAPO activist Anton Lubowski’s, was gunned down outside his home in Namibia in 1989.
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Title: On solid Ground
Author: Gabrielle Lubowski
Publisher: Createspace
Cape Town, South Africa 2011
ISBN 9781456475291 / ISBN 978-1-4564-7529-1
Paperback, 13 x 22 cm, 284 pages, many b/w photos

About: On solid ground

In her book On solid Ground, Gabrielle Lubowski grapples with a couple of questions. As a wife to Anton Lubowski she witnesses his deep concern for the injustices of the judicial system which discriminates against citizens of colour. He makes a commitment to actively do something about it and contributes in a major way towards a free and democratic Namibia. He gives up his work, his family and finally his life to make this happen. After his callous and brutal assassination there is a strange silence around his person.

His contribution to a free and democratic Namibia is neither recognized nor celebrated by SWAPO. In fact they demonstrate a bizarre and perplexing hands-off stance when it comes to Anton Lubowski. His family and their pleas, as well as their search for answers and justice are simply ignored, in Namibia, as well as South Africa. They go from pillar to post, however one door after another shuts in their faces. Not only is this their personal experience, but many friends and acquaintances who are looking for answers face the same dilemma.

His family receives no support from SWAPO and the promised compensation for Anton’s children, Almo and Nadia, for the great loss of a father at a vulnerable age is not forthcoming. In lieu of lack of answers she puts the puzzle pieces together and comes up with her own truth. She discovers that Anton Lubowski was killed by greed, jealousy and fear, strong feelings residing in less than a handful of men of power.