Nothing left to steal

Nothing left to steal reveals the details behind Sunday Times journalist Mzilikazi wa Afrika’s exposure of the R1.7 billion lease scandal in South Africa.
Wa Afrika, Mzilikazi
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Title: Nothing left to steal
Subtitle: Jailed for telling the truth
Author: Mzilikazi wa Afrika
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: The Penguin Group (South Africa)
Cape Town, South Africa 2014
ISBN 9780143538929 / ISBN 978-0-14-353892-9
Softcover, 14 x 22 cm, 280 pages


Mzilikazi wa Afrika, author of Nothing left to steal: Jailed for telling the truth, revealed a great South African corruption scandal in 2010. Consequently, he was put to jail. He recalls: A compromise verdict was reached. There was no other way: I must hang. I had to be flushed out and destroyed. I was the notorious party pooper who everybody loved to hate. I was like a mosquito, the jury said, causing people sleepless nights and disturbing their peace. I was sniffing around in the wrong places, like a stray dog. I was an agent provocateur. I had my probing eyes on the wrong people, very powerful people with political connections. My pen had become more dangerous than a loaded gun; it was vicious and malicious; it spat venom and caused havoc. I had become their worst nightmare. My name was discussed in boardrooms and whispered in the corridors of power. It had become a swear word: some people puked at the sound of it, and others cursed it. A plan was cooked: they had brought in the best chefs, graduates from the University of Propaganda and Public Manipulation. The aroma from the kitchen was appetizing and permeated the air. Their buffet was delicious and the public would swallow it without asking about the ingredients or the recipe. There would be enough food for everyone, even for the hobos on the street.