A Khoekhoegowab Dictionary

A Khoekhoegowab Dictionary for the language of mainly the Damara, Haillom and Nama population in Namibia.
Haacke, Wilfred H.G.; Eiseb, Eliphas
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Title: A Khoekhoegowab Dictionary
Editors: Wilfred H.G. Haacke; Eliphas Eiseb
Publisher: Namibia Publishershing House (Pty) Ltd
Windhoek, Namibia 2018 (Reprint of 2002 edition)
ISBN 9789991604015 / ISBN 978-99916-0-401-5
Softcover, 17 x 26 cm, 740 pages

About: A Khoekhoegowab Dictionary

This bilingual dictionary of Khoekhoegowab (Nama/Damara), a Central Khoesaan language today confined almost entirely to Namibia, aims to document extensively the lexicon of this endangered language. The book contains over 24.500 Khoekhoegowab entries, including some 2.700 examples of usage. Over 1.150 entries are terms that have been coined or sanctioned by the Khoekhoegowab Curriculum Committee officially responsible for corpus planning. Over 1.000 entries are assigned to some dialect, including Haillom. This dictionary is an authoritative source of reference on the standardised orthography. Entries are marked for tone systematically, based on tonological principles established in a separate study. English renderings of Khoekhoegowab entries have been selectively included in an English-Khoekhoegowab Index of over 26.000 entries. Eliphas Eiseb, acting traditional chief of the Damara, was teacher, then pastor and also acting vice-praeses of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia, before he embarked on this lexicographic project in 1981. Wilfrid Haacke is Professor of African Languages at the University of Namibia.

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