Namibia Nature Parks

Namibia Nature Parks: A personal guide to Namibia’s great wild spaces.
Denker, Helge
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Title: Namibia Nature Parks
Subtitle: A personal guide to Namibia’s great wild spaces.
Author: Helge Denker
Publisher: Gondwana Collection Namibia
Windhoek, Namibia 2021
ISBN 9789991699400 / ISBN 978-99916-994-0-0
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 436 pages, 650 photos, maps and sketches

About: Namibia Nature Parks: A personal guide to Namibia’s great wild spaces

This personal guide to Namibia’s great wild spaces is a conservation initiative. It seeks to strengthen the links between tourism and conservation; between people and their environment; between communities and parks; and between the past, the present and the future. Namibia has a turbulent political and environmental history, yet progress made since the country's independence can be built on by our present actions to ensure a bright future. Nature parks are not untouched islands. The people living and working in and around them, and the visitors to them, all contribute to their protection.

Community conservation, environmental care by the people for the people, is vital for long-term conservation success. The proceeds from the sale of this book will support people in the field working on these aims. Obviously, 'Namibia Nature Parks' is first and foremost a guidebook. It is a personal guide to Namibia's nature parks, to this country's wonderful wild spaces. The selection of focus areas is based on Helge Denker's experiences, influenced by the people he has met and worked with along the way. Numerous other facets of Namibia's parks and environment could have received similar attention.

Namibia Nature Parks: A personal guide to Namibia’s great wild spaces. seeks to provide nuanced insights that not only portray the country's natural wealth, but also include the people who used, abused and now conserve it - from the fragments of prehistoric hominids to the visions of today's leading conservationists. With such a broad scope, it must remain superficial, only touching briefly on topics and issues that could fill chapters, or more books. The aim is not to be all-inclusive or comprehensive, but to inspire exploration of particular aspects by the reader.

Content: Namibia Nature Parks: A personal guide to Namibia’s great wild spaces

Part One: A little lead-in
About this book
... and how to use it
... to delve deeper
... and spend the time.
Gondwana Collection accommodation and travel routes
Part Two: A prelude to Namibia's nature parks
In a world of natural wealth
The custodians of biodiversity
The making of a wonderland
A brief geomorphological history
The building blocks of a landscape
Following a broken trail - A prehistoric record of life
One country's climate - What constitutes a desert realm?
Eat and be eaten - A basic prospect of ecology
Part Three: A country profile
Namibia and its nature parks
Part Four: The park profiles
|Ai-|Ais-Richtersveid Transfrontier Park
Bwabwata National Park
Cape Cross Seal Reserve
DaanViljoen Game Park
Dorob National Park
Etosha National Park
Gondwana Canyon Park
Hardap Game Park
Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area
Khaudum National Park
Mangetti National Park
Mudumu National Park
Namib-Naukluft Park
Central Namib
Sossusvlei & the Namib Sand Sea
Namibian Islands' Marine Protected Area
NamibRand Nature Reserve
Naute Game Park
Nkasa Rupara National Park
Popa Falls Game Park
Skeleton Coast National Park
Tsau ||Khaeb National Park
Von Bach Game Park
Waterberg Plateau Park
Beyond the parks - Community conservation areas
Erongo-Kunene CCA
Omaheke-Otjozondjupa CCA
Part Five: An addendum
A Thank You to the wild and all its guardians
List of larger Namibian mammals
Content index
Lists of nature notes, important info and tips
Abbreviations and acronyms
Selected bibliography
Using the maps
Legend for all maps in