Conservation Pioneers in Namibia

Conservation Pioneers in Namibia and stories by game rangers: a compelling and insightful read.
Bridgeford, Peter; Berry, Hu; Berry, Conny; Aschenborn, Dieter; Stark, Peter; de la Bat, Bernabe; Rocher, Stoffel; Blom, Meynderd; Brisley, Johan; Tinley, Lynne; Holtzhausen, Sixie; Fryer, Dick; Reid, Rob; Leibnitz, Erwin; Joubert, Eugene; du Preez, Kalli
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Title: Conservation Pioneers in Namibia
Subtitle: And Stories by Game Rangers
Editor: Peter Bridgeford
Contributors: see table of content
Published by: Peter Bridgeford
Walvis Bay, Namibia 2018
ISBN 9789991668192 / ISBN 978-99916-68-19-2
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 412 pages, 150 photographs, 6 maps and several drawings

About: Conservation Pioneers in Namibia

Namibia has a long and interesting pioneering conservation history: from the German period, the declaration of the three game reserves and hunting laws and the early military and police stationed at Namutoni and Okaukuejo, to the first ranger appointed in Etosha in 1952. There is a long history of hard work, dedication and sacrifice from these early conservationists and game rangers who, against tremendous odds, established the concept of conservation in Namibia.

Game Rangers, by their very nature, are generally individualistic and not social people, who tend to keep their experiences, challenges and hardships to themselves or reserve them for fireside chats with friends and colleagues. It takes real tenacity and patience to drag these tales out of them in order to commit these exceptional accounts to print. The stories in this book tell of the hard work and difficulties faced by those conservation pioneers, as well as their often humorous experiences and successes.

They left us a rich legacy and we thank them all for their insightful dedication. The Namibian Chapter of the Game Rangers Association of Africa was established in 2009 to bring these remarkable and often under-appreciated people together under an umbrella organisation that has their interests at heart, and is now thriving with almost 90 members.

Content: Conservation Pioneers in Namibia

Foreword - Game Rangers Association of Africa
Foreword - GRAA - Namibian Chapter
Peter Bridgeford: The birth of conservation in Namibia
Establishment of Namutoni and Okaukuejo
Bernabe de la Bat: Etosha - 75 years
Hu Berry: In the flash of a second - Etosha 100 years
Peter Bridgeford: Conservation pioneers in Namibia
Dieter Aschenborn: A game ranger in Etosha
Bernabe de la Bat: Flying over South-West
Stoffel Rocher: In the beginning
Problem elephants
Food from the veld
Peter Stark: My first elephant
Horses are employed usefully at Etosha
Meynderd Blom: Lion party in Etosha
Johan Brisley: Wounded wildebeest
Lynne Tinley: Etosha
Life at Okaukuejo
Wild dogs
Sixie Holtzhausen: Them were the days
Piet Halali van Westhuizen: Etosha days
Dick Fryer: My first elephant
Rob Reid: Etosha - Place of freedom
Cats, both great and small
Hu Berry: The first day on the job
The lion awakes
An unusual game of tennis
Eugene Joubert: Catching a rhino in Damaraland
Black-faced impala capture at Omuhonga
Erwin Leibnitz: Working in Etosha National Park
Some of my colleagues
Horse riding and game capture
Roan capture in Khaudum 1970
Ranger duties in Etosha
My first elephant chase
Kallie du Preez: Black-faced impala capture at Enjandi
Kallie and the elephant
Roelf de Bruine: Kallie and the lion
Helicopter lost in the Namib Sand Sea
Establishment of the Namib-Naukluft Park
Black-faced impala along the Kunene
Dirk Heinrich: Phillipus Shorty Haijfeta: game capture professional
Paul Dauchab and the White Bushman
Hu Berry: Tribute to Charles Clinning
Roy Sterley:The grand old gentleman of Ombika
Hanjo Böhme: Trapped at Gobaub
Drunken elephant
Poachers in the Namib
Willem Jankowitz: The aloes on Dicker Wilhelm
Helicopter crash on the Waterberg
Hannes Holtzhausen: Namutoni rhinos
Gino Noli: When smoke gets in your eyes
Count on it
Mark Paxton: Lions and a saddle
Ramblings of an old vulture ringer
Linda Baker: Trygve Cooper
Nikodemus Kambinda: Lifetime Achievement Award
Chris Eyre: Lifetime Achievement Award
Ginger Mauney: Tribute to Chris Eyre and King Taapopi
Sonja Schubert: A tribute to Chris Eyre: Building a 'Damskrop',
Ingo Behrens: Chris Eyre: Remembering a friend and colleague
Achim Lenssen Caught by a thorn bush
The boulder that ran away
Piet Brand: Night culling of game on farms
Stacey Alberts: Harmony
Jan van Rensburg: Hanky-panky at Sossusvlei
Robert Scotty Kyle: My first days in Etosha
John Wayne of Etosha
Adventures in Outjo
Radios and other means of communication
Conny Berry: The lion that died twice
Hendrik Speedy leRoux: Close encounters of an unpleasant kind
Gert Jordaan: A close shave in the Naukluft Mountains
Anti-poaching patrol in the Namib
John Rose: Another one bites the dust
Peter Bridgeford: Women in conservation: the unsung heroines
Living at Mowe Bay
Breakdown on the Skeleton Coast
Des and Jen Bartlett: A tribute
Rhett Hiseman: To catch a gemsbok
Rhino encounter in Waterberg Plateau Park
Allisdair MacDonald: The wanderings of an African
Ben Beytell: Game Ranger Biodiversity
Conrad Brain: Ben Beytell: leading by example
Jan Tsumib
Leon van Rooyen: Jan Tsumib and Sacharias Gumgaib
Ostrich smugglers
Horse patrol and a close call
Eagle, an intelligent horse
Vasbyt and dedication
Chris van Niekerk: Vegetable ivory