First Field Guide to gemstones of Southern Africa

This little guides from the series First Field Guide is a good resource for beginners on gemstones of Southern Africa.
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Book title: First Field Guide to gemstones of Southern Africa
Authors: Bruce Cairncross
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2001
ISBN 9781868725991
Softcover, 11x17 cm, 56 pages, throughout colour photos


Sasol First Field Guide to Gemstones of Southern Africa is a fascinating guide to the gemstones of the region. Full-colour photographs and easy-to-read text will help the beginner and budding naturalist to identify the more common gemstones that occur in southern Africa, discover where they are found, and learn about their unusual features.

These little guides are an invaluable resource for the beginner, providing information at a glance through superb photographs, maps, and easy-to-read text. Professor Bruce Cairncross is chairman of the geology department at the Rand Afrikaans University in Johannesburg.

He has an inherent interest in Southern African mineralogy and geology, and his research efforts are aimed at documenting important geological sites and promoting the preservation of the regions mineralogical heritage.

Bruce Cairncross is the author of four books, The Minerals of South Africa, The Manganese Adventure, The Desmond Sacco Collection – Focus on Southern Africa and the First Field Guide to Gemstones of Southern Africa. He is consulting editor for an American journal, Rocks & Minerals, and is an accomplished photographer of minerals and gemstones.


What are gemstones?
How gemstones are formed
Identifying gemstones
Naming gemstones
Physical characteristics
Mining of gemstones
Artificial gemstones
Learn more about
Crystal systems
How to use this book
Species accounts
Further reading
Index and Checklist