Delicacies from a Namibian Farm Kitchen

Delicacies from a Namibian Farm Kitchen: Recipes from Guestfarm Corona, Namibia.
Bischof, Denise; Fransman, Jacodia; Sieck, Jürgen
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Title: Delicacies from a Namibian Farm Kitchen
Subtitle: A place to rest your soul
Publisher: Verlag Werner Hülsebusch
Glückstadt, 2018
ISBN 978-3864881343 / ISBN 978-3-86488-134-3
Softcover, 21 x 15 cm, 44 pages, throughout colour photographs

About: Delicacies from a Namibian Farm Kitchen

Anyone who has ever visited the Corona Guest Farm in Namibia will be fascinated not only by the unique beauty of the landscape around the Gamsberg but also by the warmth of the staff and management as well as the good food. All this has inspired us to this recipe book. In this book, Delicacies from a Namibian Farm Kitchen, you will not only find a small selection of the many delicious dishes from the farm kitchen but with the accompanying Augmented Reality app on your smartphone, you will also get an insight into the hustle and bustle in the kitchen, the life on the farm and the beauty of the farmhouse and surrounding area. Enjoy reading, exploring, cooking, eating and dreaming!

Contents: Delicacies from a Namibian Farm Kitchen

Gin & Tonic
Rock Shandy
Malawi Shandy
Roasted Potatoes
Broccoli and Carrots
Roasted Beetroots
Bread Rolls
Sundried Tomato Dressing
Garlic and Basil Dressing
Chicken Wraps
Mixed Corona Salad
Vegetable Quiche
Mielie Pap
Oryx Roast
Marinated Kudu
Melktart (Milk Tart)
Chocloate Cake
Orange Cake
Banana Bread
Baked Fruits with Sorbet
Fig Jam
Lemon Jam
Chili and Tomato Jam
Corona Jam