Karoo Ramblings

Karoo Ramblings includes fifty Karoo stories with the gentle humour and wry wisdom of a former inhabitant.
Biggs, David; Grogan, Tony
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Book title: Karoo Ramblings
Authors: David Biggs; Tony Grogan
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, 2004
Paperback, 15x21 cm, 168m pages, many illustrations


This collection of close on fifty stories is packed with the gentle humour and wry wisdom for which David Biggs is known and loved. The reminiscences about his childhood growing up in the Karoo and other tales gleaned from family and friends will have readers guffawing with laughter and nodding in appreciation. In his forword he writes:

As they say at the beginning of real books: "Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent." In this case names and places have probably been changed simply because I've forgotten the real ones. I make no claim to perfect accuracy. And, in any case, why let mere facts interfere with a good story? These are my memories - and in some cases the memories of members of my family - and memory can be a slippery little devil. (...)

The Karoo is obviously full of memories for many people. I've often been surprised by the reaction I get whenever I mention the Karoo in the daily "Tavern of the Seas" column I write for the Cape Argus. It seems that at least half the population of Cape Town grew up in the Karoo, or spent their most memorable school holidays with friends on a Karoo farm.

I'm told the word Karoo comes from an old Khoi word that means something like "dreadfully hot and dusty place". Hot and dusty it may be but, once it grips you by the heart, the Karoo never lets you go. Sit down, pull up a coffee and share some of the stories with me in the shade of a handy peppercorn tree.