Carl Hugo Hahn Tagebücher / Carl Hugo Hahn Diaries 1837-1860, Part II

Printed in the original German language, this is Part II of the Carl Hugo Hahn Diaries (Tagebücher) 1837-1860, covering the years from 1846 to 1851.
Hahn, Carl Hugo; Lau, Brigitte
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Title: Carl Hugo Hahn Tagebücher / Carl Hugo Hahn Diaries 1837-1860
Subtitle: A missionary in Nama- and Damaraland Part II: 1846-1851
Editor: Brigitte Lau
Series Archeia Windhoek Archives Source Publication Series Nr. 2
Publisher Archives Services Division of the Department of National Education
Windhoek, South West Afrika/Namibia 1984
Original softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 289 pages, some b/w images, text in diary: German, comments: English


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Carl Hugo Hahn's dairies (German: Tagebücher) are also significant in relation to the early history of Herero communities because much of the existing literature is based on sources dating from the 187Us and 1880s. At that time, however, important transformations in social/political relations among Herero groups in central SWA/ Namibia had already taken place. These changes were related to Maharero's rise to paramountcy. The decades before these events have received little, if any, attention as far as historical analysis is concerned. Also, this material may provide valuable and much-needed insights into the role of Jonker Afrikaner and his group, the kind of relationships they were engaged in with Herero chiefs and commoners and other Nama-speakers as well as the social patterns marking the lives of people in central SWA/Namibia around the middle of the last century. His paragraph headings have been integrated into the text. Most unfortunately, volume 2, 1840-1844, is lost, apparentlty irretrievably. After considerable research and much co-operation from the archives of the Vereinigte Evangelische Mission, H. H. Diehl and Dieter Aschenborn, Brigitte Lau, for 'Carl Hugo Hahn Tagebücher / Carl Hugo Hahn Diaries 1837-1860, Part II' was able to fill part of the gap with Carl Hugo Hahn's Tagebücher extracts sent to the Rhenish Mission Society. Since some of these could also not be traced any more, certain previously published extracts had to be included here. Those parts of the text are marked to distinguish them from the rest of the publication, off which this is Part II.