South Africa (Medium-Hoberman)

South Africa, in a medium-sized format, beautifully designed, printed and bound, is a true Hoberman photo book.
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Title: South Africa
Author: Gerald Hoberman
Publisher: Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection
4th edition. Cape Town, South Africa 2008
ISBN 9781919939193 / ISBN 978-1-919939-19-3
Cloth bound, 18 x 13 cm, 248 pages, 300 varnished colour photograph, 1 map


In search of the soul of a newly awakening land, Gerald Hoberman has photographed a sacrificial ceremony of the Xhosa, captured the lifestyle of Bushmen living close to the land in the dry northern country, and shared mampoer, a hell-fire, home-made brew, with farmers in the remote Groot Marico district. His photographs reflect the vivid colours of autumn vineyards basking in the late afternoon sun, the unexpected luxurience of a tilled field in the arid Karoo, and the golden hills of the Free State. This impressive collection of photographs is enriched by aerial shots of landmarks such as Table Mountain and Robben Island, and the cities of Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria. Several incredible wildlife images are also included. With South Africa, Gerald Hoberman has captured a beautiful country and its people in a time of excitement and transformation, while retaining an eye for that which does not change: old places and ancient customs upon which time seems to have no grasp. The incisive and interesting text was written by Don Pinnock. South Africa, in a medium sized format, beautifully designed, printed and bound, is a must for all those with an interest in this remarkable country on the southern tip of Africa.

Content: South Africa (Medium-Hoberman)

Map of South Africa
Western Cape
Eastern Cape
Northern Cape
Free State
North West
Wildlife of South Africa