South Africa's Winelands of the Cape (Mini-Hoberman)

The spirit, essence and diversity of the winelands from Cape Point to the Orange River at miniature scale but still a real Hoberman book.
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Title: Cape Town (Mini-Hoberman)
Author: Gerald Hoberman
Publisher: Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection
Cape Town, South Africa 2005
ISBN 9781919734521 / ISBN 978-1-919734-52-1
Hardcover, dust jacket, 9 x 7 cm, 80 pages, throughout colour photos

About: South Africa's Winelands of the Cape (Mini-Hoberman)

Although this delightful little coffee-table miniature Hoberman photo book on Cape Town is not bigger than a cigarette box, it bears all features that the 'big ones' have: A nicely made hard cover and a real dustjacket are attracting at first glance. Very obviously this little book has been designed as a charming gift article. And really, it will fit in a mailing box for bottles together with any South African Wine - or in an evelope together with a friendly letter - or wrapped in cellophane and sticked to a bouquet of flowers - or as a hint to holiday desires, you name it. The peninsula is fringed with pristine, white sandy beaches. It has dramatic sunsets and a Mediterranean climate, fanned by gentle ocean breezes. These breezes contribute to the success of the renowned vineyards along the picturesque wine route. On occasion a howling wind changes the mood as the southeaster, affectionately known as the Cape Doctor, delivers fresh clean air.