Cape Town (Hoberman)

This large and beautiful photo book shares selected magic moments with you and preserving them for posterity, as a memento, a record and a celebration of life in Cape Town.
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Title: Cape Town
Author: Gerald Hoberman
Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection
Cape Town, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9781919939711 / ISBN 978-1-919939-71-1
Hardcover, dust jacket, 28 x 29 cm, 168 pages, 300 colour photograph, 1 map


Cape Town is unrivalled for its scenic splendour. This scintillating jewel at the southern tip of the African continent, with its rich flora and fauna and vibrant cultural fusion, is a very special place. The city is set in an amphitheatre of spectacular mountains. Flat-topped Table Mountain, with its world-famous cableway, is flanked by Devil's Peak, Lion's Head and Signal Hill; on the Atlantic seaboard the majestic Twelve Apostles stand sentinel. Nearby is the towering, awesome splendour of Chapman's Peak. At the southernmost tip of the Cape Peninsula, an experience of breathtaking exhilaration awaits as one views Cape Point with its craggy, finger-like promontory, where some of the world's highest cliffs are lashed by wild currents and treacherous seas. From here in the direction of Cape Agulhas, the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. The Cape Peninsula is fringed with pristine white sandy beaches; it has dramatic sunsets and a Mediterranean climate, fanned by gentle ocean breezes. These breezes contribute to the success of the renowned vineyards along the picturesque wine route. On occasion a howling wind changes the mood as the Southeaster, affectionately known as the Cape Doctor, delivers fresh, clean air. The Cape Peninsula's inhabitants, estimated to be some four million people and growing rapidly, are multi-ethnic and of a rich cultural diversity.