Kaapse Klopse: Cape Town Ministrel Carnival

The large format photo book Kaapse Klopse celebrates hundred years tradition of the Cape Town Ministrel Carnival.
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Title: Kaapse Klopse
Subtitel: Cape Town Ministrel Carnival
Author: Gerald Hoberman
Genre: Photobook, coffee-table book
Publisher: Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection
Cape Town, South Africa 2009
ISBN 9781919939520 / ISBN 978-1-919939-52-0
Hardcover, 25 x 25 cm, 120 pages, 200 colour photographs


Celebrating more than 100 years: The Cape Town Minstrel Carnival has its roots in the music and dance style of North American minstrel groups who visited the Cape in the late 1880s. On the first days and nights of each new year, certain streets in Cape Town are transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour. The Kaapse Klopse (Cape minstrel troupes) cavort on a route through the city, singing new and old moppies (humorous songs) and dancing to the absolute delight of both performers and spectators. They move rhythmically to the sound of banjos, tubas, guitars, trombones, ghoema drums and whistles. At the conclusion of the march through the streets, they are transported to stadiums where competitions for the best costumes and bands are held before highly appreciative audiences. In addition to traditional songs, sights and sounds, their ability to mimic the world's best talent is extraordinary. Their vivid costumes and painted faces are the result of many months of preparation and personal expense. This book is dedicated to the coloured and Malay communities of Cape Town who, despite many obstacles, keep the spirit, traditions and music of the early Cape alive.

Content: Kaapse Klopse: Cape Town Ministrel Carnival

Celebrating more than 100 years
Historical overview
Daar kom die Alibama / There comes the Alabama
Cape Town Minstrel Carnival Association
District Six
Moppies (humorous Cape Minstrel songs)
Ek soek na my Dina ( I am looking for my Dina)
Kom dans Klaradyn (Come dance, Klaradyn)
Rosa (Rosa)
Hier's ek weer (Here I am again)
Pollie, ons gaan Perel toe (Pollie, we are going to Paarl)
Vaarwel, my eie soetlief (Farewell, my sweet)
Die ossewa (The ox wagon)
Bobbejaan klim die berg (Baboon climbs the mountain)
Wat maak oom Kalie daar? (What is uncle Kalie doing there?)
Hou djou rokkies bymekaar (Keep your dresses together)
Solank as die rietjie (As long as the little reed)

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