Presenting South Africa

South Africa has seldom been portrayed so imaginatively, and with such visual impact as in 'Presenting South Africa'.
Joyce, Peter
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Title: Presenting South Africa
Author: Peter Joyce
Type: Coffee Table Book
Publisher: Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2004
ISBN 9781770070806 / ISBN 978-1-77007-080-6
Hardcover, 26x26 cm, 224 pages, throughout colour photos


Presenting South Africa takes a leisurely look at a country that has survived, intact if not unscathed, the troubled and often violent decades to become a model for other regions in transition. At its people, its turbulent history, its towns and cities, its precious wildlife heritage, its quite magnificent landscapes. South Africa has seldom been portrayed so imaginatively, and with such visual impact.

The book is divided into an informative introduction and nine beautifully illustrated chapters, each devoted to one of South Africa's provinces. The tapestry that emerges is one of striking contrasts, of a human and geographical diversity that is vividly evident in the mix of colours and cultures, and in the hugely varied nature of the land itself. Interspersed with and complementary to the modern photographs are pictures from the past, poignant vignettes that evoke the manners and moods of another time, a different world.

Content: Presenting South Africa

Limpopo Province
Free State
Eastern Cape
Northern Cape
Western Cape

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