Journey with Namibian Architect Erhard Roxin

Journey with Namibian Architect Erhard Roxin: Celebrating architectural achievements and embracing a sustainable future.
Roxin, Erhard
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Title: Journey with Namibian Architect Erhard Roxin
Subtitle: Celebrating architectural achievements and embracing a sustainable future
Author: Erhard Roxin
Swakopmund, Namibia 2021
ISBN 9789994552368 / ISBN 978-9-99-455236-8
Softcover, 30 x 21 cm, 180 pages, throughout colour photographs, scetches and images

About: Journey with Namibian Architect Erhard Roxin

Namibian architect Erhard Roxin has over 40 years of experience in a wide spectrum of architectural services. He is acknowledged for his in-depth understanding of the complexities of the design and building process, the geographical knowledge of Namibia and its people, and his successful implementation of ecological and functional design. His book 'Journey with Namibian Architect Erhard Roxin', introduces to his prize-winning architecture, his town of choice, Swakopmund, good design and how it influences our everyday lives. He also shares some insights on how architects tick. This book not only documents and analyses exemplary architectural creations in sketches, drawings, photos and text, but also challenges a re-think of our current way of life, and promotes an ecological approach towards Namibian vernacular architecture. To conclude, Journey with Namibian Architect Erhard Roxin is a personal account of his exuberant attitude to life, his many creative interests, pursuits, and hobbies.

Content: Journey with Namibian Architect Erhard Roxin

Foreword by Professor Jaco Wasserfall
Manifesto of 1988

Working Principles
Sound Design Philosophy
Thorough Research
Architecture — My Life
Architectural and Business Principles
Family and Friends
Swakopmund and Nature
History of Swakopmund
The Place Where I Live, Work and Play
A Historical Population Summary
Furniture Design
Sketches and Caricatures
Functional Art
Letterheads and Logos
Paintings, Ceramics and Sculptures
The N.I.A. and its Awards of Merit

House E. Roxin, Swakopmund
SWA Building Society Headquarters,
Löwenhof Apartments, Swakopmund
UNAM Research Centre, Henties Bay
FNB, Swakopmund
Reinhildsgarten Luxury Apartments,
House Roland, Windhoek
House Rechholtz, Windhoek
National Marine Aquarium and Research
Centre, Swakopmund
Mental Health Care Centre with Forensic,
Psychiatric Unit, Windhoek
Commercial Bank of Namibia, Windhoek
The High Court of Namibia, Oshakati
'An Der Welle' Apartments, Swakopmund
Nedbank Namibia, Swakopmund
Other Projects of Architectural Merit
FNB, Walvis Bay
Bank Windhoek, Swakopmund
New Training Centre, Gobabeb
Kunene Conservancy Safari Primary School
The Franco-Namibian Culture Centre, Windhoek
National Archives, Windhoek
Residential Architecture
Hafenstrasse Flats, Swakopmund
The Red Frame House, Swakopmund
House Hopsol, Swakopmund
House Dolphin Beach
House Watermeyer, Swakopmund
Infill Architecture
Namib Primary School, Swakopmund
SWABOU Office Block, Swakopmund
Haus Altona, Swakopmund
Haus Hohenzollern, Swakopmund
Strand Hotel, Art Museum, Swakopmund
Hospitals and Clinics
General Architecture
Just Talking...
Future Vision
Namibian Architecture
Re-Evaluation of Self
Addendum A: Personal Details
N.I.A. Pamphlet 1990
Newspaper Clippings
Addendum B: Staff Members
Addendum C: Family