West Coast Wander

West Coast Wander: Recipes from a Mediterranean coastal kitchen.
East, Georgia
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Title: West Coast Wander
Subtitle: Recipes from a Mediterranean coastal kitchen
Author: Georgia East
Genre: Cookbook
Imprint: Struik Lifestyle
Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa 2019
ISBN 9781432309886 / ISBN 978-1-43-230988-6
Hardcover, 22 x 28 cm, 176 pages, throughout colour photos

About: West Coast Wander

Georgia East has been coming to South Africa's West Coast for almost three decades, lured irresistibly by the stretch of coastline and the towns settled along it. From Saldanha Bay to Doringbaai, the introspective beauty, the desolation and the wildness are imprinted on my imagination, leaving a mark like a bruise. Or a tattoo, willingly inked for life on her consciousness. There are many aspects about the West Coast that are able to conjure up emotion in those who visit it, and it is often said that one either loves the area or hates it.

There is much to celebrate here, hauls of snoek fresh off the boat, the creak of the trawlers at berth, toothlessly honest smiles, the first glimpse of the salt pans from the Carinus bridge; pink flamingos wading, the river lapping gently against spindly wooden jetties, the smell of bokkoms drying in the sun, slow sunrises and fast sunsets, the scent of coastal fynbos after the rain, the sound of the Sishen train, a night sky full of stars and the constant roar of the cold Atlantic Ocean all bestow their gifts on the traveller.

One just needs to be willing to see the West Coast with the right kind of eyes. Exploring this iconic coastline and the people that call it home, West Coast Wander takes readers – travellers and home cooks alike – on a culinary caper from Yzerfontein to Doringbaai, documenting each delicious detour along the way. Georgia East highlights the unique ingredients, both cultivated and naturally occurring, along this coastline, transforming them into dishes filled with local flavour.

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