The Empty Armchair

The Empty Armchair is a sequel to Dr. Libertina Inaaviposa Amathila’s autobiography Making a Difference.
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Title: The Empty Armchair
Author: Libertina Inaaviposa Amathila
Publisher: Libertina Inaaviposa Amathila
Nuwe Rus, Namibia 2019
ISBN 9789994589401 / ISBN 978-9-99-458940-1
Softcover, 14 x 21 cm, 110 pages, several colour photographs and tables

About: The Empty Armchair

When Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Libertina Amathila retired after 40 years of service to Namibia, she was given a reclining armchair by a friend. Her drive and activism kept her so busy, however, that she had no time to sit in it. Instead, she focussed on developing her farm Nuwe Rus in the Kalahari sandveld, clearing the bush and breeding Brahman cattle. She also continued to be active on a national level, leading the Wage Commissions for Domestic Workers, and initiating projects in support of communities in the far north-west of Namibia. The Empty Armchair recounts the stories of this period in Dr. Amathila’s life. She shares how she learnt about farming through practical experience and advises the reader on farm management. She describes the building of clinics and school hostels in Kaoko, where she took part in the physical work herself. Practical, funny, modest and wise, The Empty Armchair is a fascinating insight into the life and philosophy of one of Namibia’s great leaders. Her contribution to Namibia’s liberation struggle and development since Independence has been immense and she continues to serve the nation. The Empty Armchair is a sequel to Dr. Amathila’s autobiography Making a Difference.

Content: The Empty Armchair

Preface and Acknowledgements
Becoming a Farmer

The First Challenges of Retirement
Finding Farm Nuwe Rus
Getting Lost on my Farm
Communal and Commercial Farming
Life as a Farmer
Clearing and Planting
Water is Life
Farm Workers
The Animal Inhabitants of Nuwe Rus
The Wild Horses of Garup
Nationhood and Responsibilities
Social Problems
Serving Communities in Kaoko
Culture is Not an Excuse
Wage Commission for Domestic Workers
Celebrating our Independence
Back to Kaoko
Peace of Mind
Connecting with my Ancestors
Daydreams and Fears
My End Game
Autobiographical Profile