Africa's Big Five

The authors of Africa's Big Five present experiences and insights they have gained through years of close observation.
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Title: Africa's Big Five
Authors: Gerald Hinde; Richard du Toit; William Taylor
Publisher: Random House Struik
Imprint: Nature
Cape Town, South Africa 2000
ISBN 9781868725823 / ISBN 978-1-86872-582-3
Hardcover, dustjacket, 27x30 cm, 144 pages, throughout colour photos


Of all Africa's wildlife, none has captured the imagination more than those species that have come over the years to be known as the Big Five. Whether the biggest, the most beautiful, the fiercest or most formidable, these animals are the ones that have the power to remind us of our insignificance in the face of the true kings of the savannas. The Big Five have always been the most sought-after trophies for hunters, and now are the most desired quarry of the photographer or nature lover.

These magnificent animals are also coming to represent the vulnerability of the natural world and the uniqueness of creatures that are close to being lost for ever by man's greed and carelessness. Today elephant, white and black rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo are mainly confined to game reserves and national parks, and few people have the privilege of encountering them at close quarters. The romance of the safari and adrenalin-stirring excitement of the chase have given us some of our greatest stories of Africa.

Hunters are passionate about what they do, and hunting has deep roots in the soul of man. An equal passion is felt by conservationists and animal lovers who abhor the senseless killing of even a single animal. The authors of this book have stood on both sides of the fence, and the experiences and insights they have gained through years of close observation and face-to-face confrontation are conveyed here in words and photographs that will thrill the imagination.

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