Scorpions of Southern Africa

The species included here are those most likely to be encountered among the Scorpions of Southern Africa.
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Scorpions of Southern Africa

Title: Scorpions of Southern Africa
Author: Jonathan Leeming
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2003
ISBN 9789991642338
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 88 pages, numerous colour photos and illustrations


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About: Scorpions of Southern Africa

Scorpions have captured the imagination of humans from early times, arousing a morbid interest that no doubt stems from their venomous tendencies. Misunderstood and persecuted as they often are, it is only relatively recently that we have begun to understand their complex behaviour and biology. This book, written by one who confesses to a passion for scorpions, describes in layman's terms the way scorpions' bodies are constructed, the strategies that enable them to survive harsh conditions, their use of venom and other aspects of their successful existence over millions of years. It will help amateur naturalists as well as professionals in associated fields to identify southern Africa's rich scorpion fauna and, it is hoped, will shed new light on these secretive creatures. The species included here are those most likely to be encountered. Many are readily identifiable with the naked eye and have very wide distributions. As far as possible, the book avoids complicated terminology and includes practical information on where to look for scorpions and how best to handle them.