Speaking out. Namibians talk about their perspectives on Independence

What do the people in the streets of Namibia feel about the independence? Speaking out lets them talk about their perspectives.
Becker, Barbara
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Title: Speaking out
Subtitle: Namibians talk about their perspectives on independence
Author: Barbara Becker
Publisher: Out of Africa Publishers
Windhoek, Namibia 1999
ISBN 999162340X / ISBN 99916-2-340-X
Softcover, 21 x 20 cm, 203 pages, several bw-photos

About: Speaking out. Namibians talk about their perspectives on Independence

Independence. Probably the most important milestone in Namibia's history. What do the people in the street feel about it? How has it changed their lives? In this selection of Interviews people talk frankly about their lives before and after this momentous event. Interviewees include men and women, young and old, professionals, returnees and those who remained in the country, as well as people from both rural and urban backgrounds. They create a mosaic as diverse and interesting as this multi-faceted country. By sharing their experiences, the interviewees provide a forum for discussion and make a positive contribution to Namibia's democracy.

Content: Speaking out. Namibians talk about their perspectives on Independence

Words of thanks
A witness right from the beginning: Frans Gawanab
A visionary without illusions: Samson Ndeikwila
A revolutionary: Philemon Moongo
SWAPO and intellectuals: Jackson Mwalundange
An Afrikaner woman's experience with apartheid: Marita Kotze
Our language is our culture, our wisdom: Ruusa Nushona
An adventurous woman: Dr Rosalia Ndilenga
A dedicated witness to what happened: Oswald Shivute
Learning or fighting: Emmanuel Nakashole
A child goes into exile and survives Cassinga: Linda Nambandi
Trust is a victim of war: Dutte Ndamona Shinyemba
All problems are problems of communication: Eeva Liisa Shitundeni
The voice of the voiceless: Kleopas Dumeni
We need justice: Ida Jimmy !Ha-Eiros
Growing up during the guerrilla war: Moses Neshingo
Hurtful memories: Claudia Namises
Overcome obstacles and be ready for change: Johannes and Tony Benade
A successful businessman: Moses Mbango
Difficulties in promoting literacy: Ester Kambalala
Experiences of a Swiss with SWAPO and Afrikaners: Eva Lubisch
A man for reconciliation: Isak Shoombe
The importance of education: Josua Dumeni
Indoctrination: Gilbert Likando
Coming to know what colonialism is: George Haimbiri
Experiences and hopes of a San: Joram |Useb
The bush lady fighting for development: Suoma Hangula
Another returnee: Kapia Herunga
Chronology of events mentioned in the stories
Notes on political figures mentioned in the stories
Further readings and reference books
Photograph of casspirs

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