Geological Highlights of East Africa's National Parks

Geological Highlights of East Africa's National Parks: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the Virunga Mountains.
Scoon, Roger
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Title: Geological Highlights of East Africa's National Parks
Subtitle: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the Virunga Mountains
Author: Roger Scoon
Maps: Lyn Whitfield
Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa
Imprint: Struik Nature
2nd edition. Cape Town, South Africa 2022
ISBN 9781775847779 / ISBN 978-1-77-584777-9
Softcover, 17 x 23 cm, 279 pages, throughout colour photos, images and maps

About: Geological Highlights of East Africa's National Parks

Some of the largest concentrations of wildlife remaining on Earth can be seen in the national parks and game reserves of East Africa. This abundance is influenced by the region's dramatic landforms and unique geology, which support a remarkable number of different species in specialised ecosystems. The interior of East Africa is dominated by an extensive regional plateau that is underlain by some of the oldest rocks on Earth. The plateau has been ruptured by the East African Rift, one of the world's most recognisable geological features.

The rifting is inextricably linked to intense - and ongoing - volcanic activity, which has sculpted the landforms, including volcanic craters with boiling lava lakes and lava fountains. Giant free-standing volcanic cones such as Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro and the fascinating Ngorongoro Caldera are world heritage sites. Geological Highlights of East Africa's National Parks presents a new and exciting angle for tourists to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and provides a valuable reference for rangers and guides.

The Virunga Mountains, an active chain of volcanoes and home to habituated groups of Mountain gorilla, are also included. Maps, satellite images and diagrams, along with vivid photography, help explain how the landforms came to be. Key geosites point readers to the most rewarding geological features. An indispensable guide, Geological Highlights of East Africa's National Parks will add drama and interest to any East African safari.

Content: Geological Highlights of East Africa's National Parks

1. Landforms and geology of East Africa
2. Detailed regional geology of East Africa
3. National parks anci reserves of Kenya

Central Kenya
Aberdare NP
Lake Baringo NP; Lake Bogoria NR
Lake Naivasha; Mount Longonot NP
Hell's Gate NP
Lake Nakuru NP
Meru NP; Kora NP; Samburu NR
Mount Kenya NP
Nairobi NP; Ngong Hills
Donyo Sabuk NP
Olorgesailie Archaeological Site
Samburu Hills Archaeological Site
Western Kenya
Maasai Mara NR
Mount Elgon NP
Ndere Island NP; Ruma NP
Saiwa Swamp NP
Kerio Valley NR
Eastern Kenya
Amboseli NP
Arabuko Sokoke NP; Dodori NR
Shimba Hills NR
Tsavo East NP; Tsavo West NP
Chyulu Hills NP
Northern Kenya
Lake Turkana (Central Island NP
South Island NP; Sibiloi NP
South Turkana NR)
Malka Mari NP; Marsabit NP
4. National parks and reserves of Tanzania
Northern Tanzania
Arusha NP
Kilimanjaro NP
Lake Manyara NP
Lake Natron Wilderness Area
Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA)
Oldupai Gorge; Laetoli
Serengeti NP
Tarangire NP
Northwestern Tanzania
Burigi-Chato NP; Ibanda Kyerwa NP
Rumanyika-Karagwe NP
Rubondo Island NP
Saanane Island NP
Western Tanzania
Kigosi NP; Ugalla River NP
Lake Rukwa; Katavi NP; Uwanda GR
Lake Tanganyika; Gombe Stream NP
Mahale Mountains NP
Southern Tanzania
Kitulo NP
Ruaha NP
Eastern Tanzania
Eastern Arc Mountains
Udzungwa Mountains NP
Parks of eastern Tanzania (Mikumi NP,
Nyerere NP; Selous GR; Ulanga Wetlands
Mkomazi NP; Saadani NP
5. National parks and reserves of Uganda
Bwindi Impenetrable Forest NP
Kibale NP
Kidepo Valley NP
Lake Mburo NP
Lake Victoria; The Victoria Nile
Mount Elgon NP
Murchison Falls NP
Queen Elizabeth NP
Rwenzori Mountains NP
Semliki Valley NP
6. National parks of the Virunga Mountains
Volcanoes NP; Rwanda
Mgahinga Gorilla NP; Uganda
Virunga NP (southern sector); DRC
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